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  • ...das Problem ist, dass einige der neuen Updates auch die neuesten Fahrzeuge bzw. Enhancement Packs bei den Szenarienpaketen oder den mitgelieferten Szenarien nutzen, wenn man diese nicht oder noch nicht hat fehlen diese dann auch möglicherweise in den Szenarien. Hinzu kommt, dass die PDF Update Übersicht auf der Homepage bereits am 22.8. endet und ich damit keine Übersicht mehr habe was vorher geändert wurde, somit habe ich bei meinen rund 75 AP Produkten die Übersicht verloren ...

    PC-Daten und ein TS Einstellungen siehe Profil

  • @kiter du hast dann vermutlich das gleiche „Problem“ wie ich mit der PDF-Übersicht. Bei mir hatte sich auch eine alte Version irgendwo festgesetzt, die immer aufgeht.

    Wenn man das PDF in einem neuen incognito-Fenster (oder Private, wie es halt im Browser heißt) öffnet, sieht man die aktuelle Liste bis inkl. 7.9. - oder halt STRG+F5 für Reload ohne Cache.

    AP meint ja auch, das wär nix dringendes, da kannst du ja ansonsten auch nur die aktualisieren bei denen sich an den Szenarien nichts geändert hat. Wenn ich nix übersehen habe, wurden die Szenarien bei Class 205, Class 319 Vol. 2, Class 456, Class 55 Sound Pack und Class 57 Sound Pack um das Class 465 EP ergänzt.

    Ein Herz für die Eisenbahn in England

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  • Bei mir hatte sich auch eine alte Version irgendwo festgesetzt, die immer aufgeht.

    ...bei mir ist es genau anders rum, ich sehe auf der PDF nur die neuesten Änderungen von aktuell bis 22.8.19 Also die Updates, die ich erst machen wollte (ich glaube es waren z.B. die drei Szenarienpacks für die Wherry Line dabei) wenn ich das dazu gehörige neue Fahrzeug habe (vielleicht nach einem Sale) ist nicht mehr sichtbar.

    PC-Daten und ein TS Einstellungen siehe Profil

  • For the packs you don't have the new models for, rename your contents folder and install the updates, then delete the new contents folder and rename the old folder back to contents. After that install the add-ons you do have everything for. That way you will keep the old scenarios.

  • Victory Works have posted on UKTS that all future releases are planned through SSS rather than steam. Below is an excerpt from their post explaining why, much of it we have heard before, and I know at least one creator who gave up largely for the same reasons.

    The decision to move to publishing with Steam Sounds Supreme was a reluctant one - not because we don't like SSS, we love what they do and we think they're the best sound creators in the Train Sim arena - but because we appreciate that many people like to only buy from Steam.
    However after nearly a decade it just became untenable to continue with DTG on Steam. Not wanting to make this into a drama I actually had a complete burnout at the end of last year and was ready to quit completely and it was solely down to DTG and their 3rd party "support". I had to take time off just because I could no longer cope with working with them - I calmed down, came back 2 days before the release of the GWR Panniers all ready to go again, and sure enough they found a whole new and exciting way to botch the release of those! They have made a mess of testing, releases, patches and updates time and time again and eventually after 6+ years you have to come to the conclusion that it's not a one off and they're not going to improve.
    I'm not going to air every thing that has happened (not least because it would take me many days to recount it all) but I will say that every single release by Victory Works with DTG has been a huge amount of stress and there have been many stresses in between from a lack of communication and/or care for 3rd party development. I am still waiting for a promised contact back from their Brand Manager since February 2017 (a conversation started in September 2016 and duly ignored) in reference to all of the problems and issues.

    So we made the move to SSS this year and I have to say it's been a pleasure to work with them. I understand that may mean that some people will no longer buy our products and to be honest if that means that we are forced to close up shop then so be it, because that would have been the outcome anyway if we had stayed with DTG

    Peter Godearl, creator of the popular steam era route Wycombe Railway and Joint Lines, returns with a new route. This time it is a clone of the steam age Riviera Lines route, backdated to Great Western days before WWII dramatically changed the scene along this holiday line. Custom assets have been created to take the route back to this time period. Also included is extensive Quick Drive to make use of the many pieces of Great Western DLC now available for Train Simulator.
    This route is now available to download on this page:

  • New release on UKTS;…nfo.php?form_fileid=38739

    Manchester Victoria – Marsden features 19 miles of detailed scenery, many custom stations, buildings, bridges & canals.
    A completely rebuilt AnsaldoBreda T68 LRV is included in 4 liveries with accurate body variations in each livery.

    6 new scenarios are included, as well as the 5 from the previous version of the route. New scenarios are prefixed [MSN].

    This download also contains commercial & house assets by Richard Maxted as generously permitted by the EULA.

    Required DLC

    • Payware
    ◦ Just Trains Common Library
    ◦ Liverpool – Manchester
    ◦ Midland Main Line London – Bedford
    ◦ Settle – Carlisle
    ◦ Woodhead in BR Blue

    • Freeware
    ◦ UKTS Freeware Packs
    ▪ Blocks and Lofts
    ▪ Clutter
    ▪ Commercial
    ▪ Housing
    ▪ Industrial
    ▪ Railway Buildings

    • Scenario Requirements
    ◦ Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2 & 142
    ◦ JT Class 153
    ◦ Oovee Class 156
    ◦ Thomson Class 170 & FTPE re-skin by Richard Fletcher
    ◦ S9BL Class 158
    ◦ DTG Class 68 (only for class 68 training scenarios)
    ◦ DTG Regional Railways Class 101 (only for 1992 Manchester Victoria – Marsden stopper)
    ◦ AP Class 40 ‘40145’ (only for class 40 railtour scenario)

  • Railways of Devon and Cornwall V9.0 now available https://www.vulcanproductions.…ysofdevonandcornwall.html

    The Railways of Devon and Cornwall (RDC) hugely modifies and extends DTG’s ‘Riviera Line’. Much of the original Riviera Line scenery has been improved and brought up to date. There’s track and detailed scenery all the way from Whiteball Summit (near Taunton) to Liskeard and many other areas beyond, including around Hayle, St Austell, Par, St Blazey and Penzance. There’s also track and stations only between Liskeard, Hayle and Looe; Whiteball Tunnel and Bristol; and between Honiton and Axminster.
    The completed areas have incredibly detailed, accurate scenery. Updates to the route include real life changes as they occur or are planned, for example the new Exeter depot and stations at Marsh Barton and Okehampton.

    The route manual includes specifics about the detailed areas, installation instructions and all the required routes you’ll need to install and use the route. It’s really important that you read it carefully before you add it to your system.
    The route includes 95 scenarios of real life and other workings across the route, from steam, diesel and classic DMU railtours to accurate depictions of the contemporary and recent timetables.

  • New release

    Brighton Belle Expansion Pack

    This is an expansion pack for the freeware 5BEL Brighton Belle EMU by Richard Scott. It includes refreshments of the default two liveries, post-war Pullman and British Rail Blue Grey, and the addition of two new liveries, original 1933 Pullman livery and late 50's/60's Pullman with a part-yellow front. Sounds have been updated to use those from the AP Class 421/422/423 Sound Pack.


    - 5BEL Brighton Belle (UKTrainsim)…nfo.php?form_fileid=29327
    - Class 421/422/423 Sound Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)



  • From Facebook;

    We're pleased to announce that an update has been released for the Riviera Lines GWR route. Our thanks to Peter for his work on this fantastic route!
    This FREE route can be downloaded here:
    Updates include:
    >Fixed broken consist in free roam scenarios
    >Added Brixham engine shed
    >Added Concertina coaches to AI
    >More high quality drivable passenger consists from Marcus Boon in the QD menu category 'MB GWR SouthWest'
    >Some post war freight WD 2-8-0 drivable consists in the QD menu category 'WRJL WD 2-8-0 Post War'
    And here's an update feature video:

  • North East England V2…kKAPv9_o5coUKPwGZokXHy-KM

    North East England is an all new route with the goal of producing a large network showcasing the diverse range of lines in the area.
    Built completely from scratch, North East England was conceived as a replacement for the ageing 'ECML: North East' route and was designed to be built at a much higher quality using some of the latest assets available. Version 2 of this all new route features a high quality representation of the East Coast Main Line between Darlington and York, the section of the Durham Coast Line between Northallerton and Hartlepool, the section of the Tees Valley line between Middlesbrough and Bishop Auckland and part of the Esk Valley line between Middlesbrough and Nunthorpe. The route also includes numerous custom assets in order to capture an authentic look and feel of the area. With the inclusion of these areas, this means this new version of the route has over 100 miles of fully driveable route to explore.
    Users can create already familiar high speed services between Darlington and York, local services between Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Middlesbrough, Nunthorpe and Hartlepool, the Grand Central service between York and Hartlepool and a wide range of freight workings from the York area along with the various industrial areas around Billingham and Hartlepool.
    The route is built in a style where lineside detail is paramount and distant scenery less so. This cuts down on development time and also provides a benefit with a
    reduction of the use of system resources. This also gives me more time and resources to add future extensions to the route.
    A range of standard scenarios are included with the route along with a basic implementation of quick drive. We will also add further scenarios to the 'ECML Collection' here on the DPSimulation website along with a much more advanced system of era-specific quick drive to cover multiple eras once the route becomes more complete. Please refer to the PDF document entitled 'NEE Scenarios' that is provided as part of the download for more information.
    Due to comprehensive volume of detail many areas, particularly in York, it is recommended that you run scenarios in the 64-bit version of Train Simulator where possible. A detailed manual has also been created and it is important you read this before installation/use of the route in order to be aware of any expected issues. This can be downloaded/viewed from the link below.
    The route also includes the 'Scenario Creation Kit'. This gives scenario creators the opportunity to include era-specific station signs in any scenario they create and distribute to the community. A detailed manual is provided in order to aid users in how to implement these signs.

    On a new route has been published. The 17 meiles long route runs between Preston and Blackpool North and is a modernized version of their old Northern Lines Route.The installation of this new version will have no effect on the old route installation.

    Some pictures, needed assets, links to the download and the Manual you can find here:

    TrainSim TV has made a video about this route:

    P.S. Looks realy nice

  • And a further english route:...

    Leeds Lines Phase 2 has been published at auf

    The route runs from Doncaster to Leeds (with overhead electrification) and from Leeds to York (non-eletrification section).

    You need following Payware:
    - East Coast Main Line Modern (Peterborough - York); [available from Steam. May be possible that the version from Creative Rail itself also works]
    - Liverpool - Manchester [DTG]
    - South London Network [DTG]
    - Overhead Line Pack (OHLE Pack) [available at Alanthomson Simulation]
    - Just Trains Common Library [included since Newcastle - Edinburg routes]

    Also some Freeware needed:
    - Harrogate Loop [only route itself is needed]
    - ECML Northeast [available at dpsimulation]

    NOTE: you need a subscription on to get access to this and some other stuff (for example scenarios and routes as WCML Midlands and Northwest, ECML Merge).
    The installation of the route is done by a seperate installer for which you need your login data and the railworks folder !

    After first drive:
    The route itself contains some superelevation, but also some issues as:
    - no AWS warning at wakefield area for reduced speed
    - transitions in superelevation are at some places not smooth

    The route also may be a little hungry for performance, specially in Leeds area

    Some impressions from Wakefield area:

    Some impressions from Leeds:

  • North Lincolnshire Line updated or (this second link not live at time of posting)

    From the homepage

    The latest upload includes:

    Retford - Sykes Junction via Leverton and Cottam. Note that the Cottam Station and Cottam Power Station were never both open at the same time, but as per usual for my route, I’ve “re-opened” the ation (or perhaps built the power station a decade early!)

    Gainsborough - Sykes Junction via Lea and Stow Park

    There are various small upgrades in various other locations across the routes.

    Please note! I will not be making any further extensions. In future I shall be concentrating on improving what is already there. I may make line adjustments, such as north of West Halton, and north of Scunthorpe stations to correct route alignment, but in general alterations will be to improve scenery or assets.

    Apologies in advance: I’ve been concentrating on the route. Although the scenarios work on my computer, I have been lax in not giving details of stock required .... and some of them are very under-developed. You will be able to run your own versions, or if you want to develop some of mine that need developing, then please feel free to do so, publish them and put your name to them.

  • Hi @simonewerro

    As Nina told you need a subscription. The subscription costs 29.99 GBP for one year. After then the route is "free".
    What happens after the year of subscription without extending? I´m not sure. For installing the premium content you need your login data, so it is possible that you are not able to install the route before a new subscription is made. But I think It should be no problem if you have already installed the route before the subscription expires.

    The older "Leeds Lines Phase 1" is complete free, without a subscription. As I read somewhere Leeds Lines Phase 2 will be for free and without subscribtion too, when the next route version has published. But this can take some time.

    For the needed OHLE Pack I´ve paid 4,99 GBP. The non-subsribers price is 9.99 GBP. This pack is needed for the Missing Link route and the Leeds Phase 2 (both premium content).