TSW Unofficial Editor and new Route in process

  • Since Unofficial Editor release for TSW 2 there was already some more work made. Version 0.2 is coming soon which will let you edit more data asset files and it will include Journey Mode editor (not really user friendly version but you will be able to edit or create new Journeys - it will just require more work) and one little extra bonus. But so far a lot of work have been done with other assets too (they will not be released anytime soon as there is still a lot of work until they are finish). But lets see what are we working on:

    Creating new RVV files (or using already existing ones) - if you are asking what is RVV file then its BP file which include model, components and functions. Basically RVV file can include only new material (texture) and can work like a new loco version for already existing loco (do you remember those old way made reskins ... yeah they replace original reskin ... but with new RVV file you can have both versions, or even unlimited versions - a lot of work have been done in that part, already tested that and its working like it suppose to). There will be some users which would like to add some new functions into the loco (turn on some non working screens, activate some non working buttons, etc...) - all that can be done too :) On that included screen you can see that i placed donkey on the left seat and activated screen with camera (camera is on the left side outside of the loco capturing back of the train) - that was again just a test if that can be done... - for complete working system it require even RVM files and SA files (simulation assets) - can say that in that part a lot of work is done too.


    So after that example screen here is some screens from the RVV files:

    Unit from Rivet DLC:


    Cab from DE loco:


    But thats not all... more exciting stuff is here :) We got basic track laying system working and Will already start working on a new route for TSW 2 (Scotland one). Its going to be a free DLC. But again like for RVV, track system will be released for the public version of the editor once its done and we are happy with it. So dont expect that anytime soon as a lot of work needs to be done before release. But yeah, in one of the Unofficial Editor release you will be able to create new locos, wagons and routes :) And here is first preview screen from the route:


  • Well, i am very exited for the track-laying system! One question: is it possible to edit timetables with the editor?

    Right now with public build no, with our dev build we are of course able to create new timetables and edit already existing ones. As its not still perfect and we are missing timing data generator than its not part of the public version. But with update 0.2 of Unofficial Editor we are going to include one bonus.

  • While im working on RVV, RVM and Simulation system for the editor Will is working already on that announced route. But whats more important he is working on that track laying system. Some basic version is done and here is some videos showing the progress. First video with the train is first test in the game. Second video is showing track laying system directly in our Unofficial Editor (our dev build). This system is not going to be released yet, there is still a lot of work to be done before it can be released.

    Track working in game:

    Track laying tool in editor:

  • Na also, geht doch... :thumbup:

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  • Ich bräuchte hier mal Hilfe bei der Installation, kennt sich da jemand aus?

    Ich habe die Dateien geladen und entpackt, das Verzeichnis lautet \TSW Editor\UE-Editor

    Danach die TS2Prototype-WindowsNoEditor.pak und TS2Prototype-WindowsNoEditor-DresdenChemnitz.pak entpackt.

    Wo genau muss ich jetzt die entpackten Dateien einfügen?

  • Die Dateien von TS2Prototype-WindowsNoEditor (Ordner Core, Editor, Environment, usw.) in den Ordner TS2Prototype\Content, die von TS2Prototype-WindowsNoEditor-DresdenChemnitz (Ordner DCZ_DB_BR143, DCZ_DB_BR612, DCZ_DB_Doppelstock, usw.) in den TS2Prototype\Plugins-Ordner.

  • Jetzt mal ganz blöd gefragt, gibt’s von diesem Editor schon eine Version die für „jedermann“ zum Download bereitsteht?

    xtrame90 Ich würde sagen Drittanbieter wie Skyhook, TSG etc. nutzen nicht diesen Umweg sondern haben einen anderen Editor.

    Und deine Frage bezüglich Google Maps, was meinst Du damit? Ob man die Strecke 1:1 aus den Geodaten von Maps erstellen kann oder was?

  • Danke für den Link. Werde ich mir mal anschauen.

    Allerdings ist für mich das Fahrzeugdesign bzw. der Streckenbau weniger interessant als das erstellen von Aufgaben. Das, was bisher im Szenarioeditor machbar ist, das wissen wir alle, ist ja eher so „good will“.