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    It may be that DLC production is more complicated than expected in terms of time and resources.

    In the end it is more convenient to improve what already exists.

    The DB BR 420 has been in development for a long time.

    The current game engines (EU4, EU5 etc.) are very powerful and versatile, but...

    Rockstar has made GTA V in 2013 and continues to sell (continuous improvement of it, actually).

    Since the annual TS was carried out in the spring (it was usually around the fall), I suspect that something of unusual awaits the TSW (probably in the fall).

    The way of announcing the new routes is quite "extravagant".

    The fact that DTG doesn't provide any teasers about them is already a teaser ...

    Basically the US and German routes will be a "State Secret" until (maybe) July ...:/

    DTG JD (Source:DTG FORUM)

    Staff Member:

    "It's unlikely there will be more information on the routes currently on the Roadmap for the next couple of months whilst we focus on Spirit of Steam, Preservation Crew updates, and the improvements we mentioned on the Roadmap article/stream".

    Today at 9:27 AM


    Maybe ...

    "Spirit of Steam" as a summer release (better towards autumn ...) in the footsteps of "Rush Hour"...

    Although, to tell the truth, a few time ago Dtg said that the next German path it wasn't steam powered.

    But go and trust ...

    Source DTG forum(DTG JD):

    "We have a short update on the 187 in next week's Roadmap.

    To manage expectations, Audio improvements are a longer-term goal, and safety systems are the Skyhook team's current focus".

    Just to speak...

    Many of you will have probably already read it.

    DTG statement from a few days ago (Play Station section only!).

    [DTG JD

    Staff Member:

    "I've timestamped from about 25 minutes, which is where the meaty discussion kicks in around a lot of the issues mentioned above. It's around an hour and a quarter of solid discussion. I will type up a summary tomorrow, but I need to head to bed!

    EDIT: follow up this morning, a quick TL;DR. I do recommend watching though, as there are a lot of subpoints, and nuance involved in the discussion.

    There have been some high points, but also some basic errors which should not have got through

    There's a detailed discussion on QA process, beta groups, and types of QA we have available to us, as well as where we believe the failings to have been

    We are bringing in a new QA Director (the first time someone on that seniority level has represented QA within the business) - whilst they won't change things overnight, their remit is to 'sort this out'

    There are also discussions about shorter-term improvements to process

    The long-awaited console beta is likely to start with Xbox with a smaller group of players, and we're hopeful this will be a matter of weeks

    We are also investigating a public open beta (a new build engineer this week has been tasked with setting this up), used for getting early feedback on core fixes and Preservation Crew improvements

    There will be 'functionality benchmarking', to ensure key component parts of a release are present and correct

    What is important varies from player to player, but we need to have a minimum quality benchmark, and ensure routes are at least playable in their entirety

    After the Spirit of Steam release, we will have an extended period of no first-party releases, and dedicate the time to solving a lot of longer-term issues (primarily focused around post-Rush Hour, but we may go further back if we have the scope to)]".

    So after SOS (release date indefinite) there will be a pause for releases.

    It seems to me that even now there is not much movement.

    It looks more like a moment of corporate reorganization ...

    Wir haben scheinbar den Rekord der meisten Benutzer online an einem Tag gebrochen.

    1240 users online yesterday is certainly a lot.

    However (and this is the case every day) only about 10% of registered users log in daily (currently 12339).

    Here (Roadmap) at the bottom of the page.

    You can see what still needs to be done and what is considered "complete",for all olds DLC's.

    As for the New Sky Box you have to go by exclusion.

    All routes that have not yet obtained it will receive the update in the near future (according to DTG).

    RSN, HRR, RRO (for Germany) have not received the New Sky Box yet.

    Here(second post):


    The hypotheses posted here for the new route are all very interesting.

    However, I believe that DTG has already been working on it (in short, it has already chosen it) for some time.

    The reason for the absolute secrecy about it is ... (I can't think of anything else)

    ...a secret!*ka*