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    Or try Beluxtrain's classic Bundesbahn package - a well working collection of scenarios that no doubt brings me back to the times I was fooling around in the area. Best stuff ever made if you want to drive Padborg - Hamburg Altona or Kiel - Hamburg Hbf or Hamburg Altona-Itzehoe. Beats everything I ever tried before. Take note myself I made most of those scenarios summer, as northern Germany is like like very barren at autumn and spring. The route is not at fault... just facts :)

    Adding a pic from Hamburg-Eidelstedt area. ICE city for miles. Just for ICE! And suddenly like in the jungle thereafter.

    Just been driving from Rendsburg to Hamburg Altona, and I'm impressed.

    No Zwangses, it just works. And here's a line that do not look like Marklin tracks put directly on grass. And I drove into Hamburg Altona like it was second nature, though I hit the Prellblock a bit hard (well I had a beer or two on my way). If this is an alpha, I just can't wait for the beta. And as this is an alpha, I have nothing to put my finger on.


    Please be so kind to not let all the blablahblah win. Many say the power of words are massive. Me, I beg to differ. To hell with all the words and postings - if I want to finish my project I finish it. That said... I have also been mad a few times, pulled back my projects, and ignored forums for years, sulking.

    I learnt from all that never to give up and push out for all to see my scenery regardless. In time all the nasty critters will love you.

    As a MSFS scenery designer for over two decades (Airports of Norway), I would want nobody to do anything to my package while in progress. And maybe even not when Final. I have been in threads like this more than I like to remember. Bottom line is that I have to keep on no matter critisism, also to write a readme that states exactly what is permitted and what is not.

    I voted for second best. I never give RSSLO full credit because of tracks straight on grass and the well-known "atomic vegetation". But this can be fixed to some degree by using updates and fixes, making backups and a little experimenting. To the point: Sudbahn surprises me straight from the box. It has gravel under the tracks; does not look like Marklin or Fleischmann tracks. When installing, I got an option to add RWA assets, without knowing what that would be, so I did not use that option. As I have DB tracks installed from before, I was surprised to see DB Tracks all over the place after install, guess that was the option (not explained in readme or anywhere).

    After being happy with Sudbahn default, I did the Railworks Austria upgrade (which is massive and time consuming). The end result is terrific. I'll stop here as this is not about the upgrade but the basic route, which is not bad at all.

    Agreed. Because of the vegetation and OL Fix I drive this route a lot more now... but stay away from airport related scenarios*ja*. Depends which direction you come from btw... Malte's ICE 925 works like a charm.

    Regarding REX 1524, I played around with the long cargo train consist at Bruck-Fusch. Seems like it wasn't connected properly. Saved when I could move the whole consist in the Editor, and now it works :)

    I think I will just skip part 2 and go directly to part 3 for now.

    I got a new snag, with REX 1524 from Schwarzach St. Veit to Saalfelden using Giselabahn. Just before entering Bruck-Fusch, I get an AI crash, have tried two times. I use the most recent versions of all the RSSLO rutes. Any remedy to this?

    Regarding TEC 41850 part 2, I have to give up on that one, or make a new one myself. I used Logmate and found a lot of "Sggdmrss_Sand_FCON"?? Anyway, I replaced all of them, also the three locos (all blue in Locoswap). Still TS is crashing with an OOM error. My PC is not the problem as it is a gaming laptop with 11.gen Intel processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB M2 HDD and RTX 3070 8GB graphics.

    TEC 41853, which has more AI, runs without any problems on Tauernbahn.

    I have a weird problem with TEC 41850 part 2. Both part 2 and part 3 shows up in Tauernbahn. When I try to start part 2 from Tauernbahn, TS crashes to desktop. Part 3 works fine. So I figured part 2 is for Drautalbahn, and moved the scenario there, but it still crashes.

    I also unzipped part 2 and confirmed it will add to Tauernbahn, not Drautalbahn. Is there any solution to this? Take note I use both Tauernbahn 1.0 and Tauernbahn V2, where TEC 41850 part 3 adds correctly in Tauernbahn v1.0.

    Oh, and thanks for your great scenarios :)