Bossman Games - The Cotswold Line

  • From Facebook;

    Now that the Welsh Marches Line is available, it is time to look at making another route.
    The Cotswold Line meanders its way through the Cotswold and Malvern hils, starting in Oxford, heading through towns such as Moreton-in-Marsh, Worcester and Great Malvern to Hereford.
    Development has only just begun, so we will post updates throughout the coming months.

  • No. I can only assume that it was canceled. Otherwise we should have heard some infos as "we will finished it soon" or something. Following points may be a reason

    - Too much building time, for too low money if we take standard price for routes in the steam store

    - negative experience with their first route (the suddenly taken from the steam store because of the Arriva-logo thing)

    - changed team (if there several people) or changed priroryties

    -perhapse its because the *****corona pandemic and they couldn't do much researching for the route.

    Who knows...*ka*

    would have liked to see another stretch from them ||

  • holzroller: Thank you for asking this question on Bossman's Facebook page.

    They released their latest DLC end of June. Maybe they have been buisy with Bugfixes the last weeks and/or maybe they are on their derserved summer holidays? This would be more than okay. It seems that they are not the biggest company in this Railworks business. So it is okay that a response from them needs some time.

    So far as they did't confirm the cancelation there is still some hope...:/

  • I would not be surprised if the project was discontinued. Take a look at JustTrains, the Highland Line has unfortunately also been abandoned, they are focusing entirely on the MML.
    But thanks for asking on the FB-page holzroller