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  • And the signalling between Norwich and Ipwich is not working good.
    I have kicked out the route from my system... *teetrink*


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  • The Harrogate loop has been released by Vulcan Productions

    Route Requirements. Once again I apologize for the amount of payware required but to get thebest look for the route it just had to be so.  Creative Rail ECML V3 Modern - Creative Rails Liverpool - Manchester Route - Steam Store Just Trains Common Library - JT Comes with Routes after Newcastle toEdinburgh Wherry Lines - Armstrong Powerhouse “ Steam version should be fine”  Fort William to Mallaig - Steam Store West Coast Mainline Trent Valley - Steam Store Settle to Carlisle - Steam Store West Coast Mainline Over Shap Isle of Wight Route - Steam Store Kuju Legacy Asset Packs if you bought the game after 2012 these are:- European Loco and Asset Pack - Steam Store- US Loco and Asset Pack - Steam Store UKTS Freeware Packs available from UKTS or TrainsimDev

    You will need a lot of British stock to play the scenarios, see the manual at the bottom of the route page.

  • Yesterday i found a amazing route in the UK railsim forum:

    The route extends from Bromsgrove and Manchester to Sheffield and south to Derby and Nuneaton. It´s a Beta 4.0 and for fans of the British steam area (like me) it is a "must have".
    Although the distance of the route is very long the landscape is very nicely designed.

    Have fun.

  • These and many other wonderful freeware routes.
    In addition to the payware tracks and without historical assignment my personal route map from uk is already quite filled.
    I´m still awaiting for the competion of the Cornish Main Line (Just Trains) so we are able to drive from Penzance to Paddington.
    @holzroller (or other)
    Did you notice anything about the completion of the WCML from Stafford in the northern direction. I only found freeware routes from Preston to Wigan/Liverpool/Manchester and finally to Acton Bridge.
    I´m looking also for the Tyne Valley Line between Newcastle and Carlisle and The tracks between Leeds and Sheffield.

  • @Baw326 Nothing in TS yet that I know of. The Harrogate loop was originally part of a much bigger project that would have included Sheffield, but it appears to have stalled and I believe some creators have left the group. I am not a fan of JT's routes, poor track laying and too many default assets. There have been a lot of complaints about this, they are making a bigger effort to create assets for the Aylesbury route, hopefully it will be better, but I think that sadly the Cornish mainline may be more of the same.

  • Wenn man schon in einen Thread schreibt, der mit "englisch language" untertitelt ist, trotzdem auf deutsch antwortet, sollte man sich wenigstens die Mühe machen richtig zu schreiben.

    Es heißt "tot"!

  • From UKTS Today, V4 of the ECML Moorgate Extension has been released.

    It features a brand new track layout, new custom-made assets for stations and tunnels, correct signalling, Victoria Line platforms at Highbury and much more.

    All new assets and rebuild by fellow UKTS user GCHartley.

    Download now from

    And if you'd like you can watch a cab ride video here:

  • Steaming over Shap phase 1 now released

    The Route:

    The West Coast Main Line (WCML) was, and still is, one of the busiest rail lines in Europe. In this project the section from the Anglo-Scottish border north of Carlisle to Preston in Lancashire is portrayed in the late 1950s, early 1960s. Many intermediate stations and signal boxes were still in operation, and so too were many goods yards. The modelling is based on the DLC "WCML over Shap" by RSC/KeithMRoss, but regressed from the 1990s by about 40 years, with OHLE and motorways removed. The project was started by "Carinthia", but as he is no longer able to complete it, I have taken it over (with his guidance). It is still a "work in progress", with the first phase being from Carlisle to Carnforth (including the Windermere branch). The second phase will see the regression on to Preston, with the lines from Lancaster to Morecambe & Heysham fully modelled. Most of the trackwork for this phase is already in place, but not all scenery has been completed/regressed. Hence, it is driveable throughout.
    The 90 route miles from Skew Bridge Junction (Preston) to Carlisle Upperby Motive Power Depot are included. The route continues north through Carlisle Citadel Station and via Bog Junction and the goods/avoiding lines to Caldew Junction. The WCML extends past Kingmoor MPD to Gretna Junction.
    Many stations and goods yards have been re-opened and fully detailed.
    The branch line from Oxenholme to Windermere is now double track, with all stations and goods yards fully detailed.
    The Morecambe and Heysham branch lines are included north of Lancaster, and will be returned to the 1960s layout in phase 2.
    The various quarry facilities in the Shap area are included.
    The various lines converging on Carlisle are included in part to allow various depots and yards to be utilised in scenario creation.
    The Ministry of Defence facilities at Longtown and Smalmstown are included to offer further range in scenario creation.
    The route has been fully resignalled using semaphores and early colour light signals typical of the period.