TS 2017 AS Koblenz Trier light weight texture pack

  • AS Koblenz Trier light weight texture pack

    AS Koblenz Trier light weight texture pack
    Aerosoft Koblenz Trier is a very nice route with one of the best track ever used. But the route is very heavy and it often reach the 3.5 GB railworks.exe limitation. I really enjoy driving freight train on this route but many scenarios will never end if you want to use a lot of trains.

    Train simulator engine and game interface needs about 500 MB. A route like Seebergbahn inflates railworks.exe to about 1.5 GB so this route with some Kuju trains takes ~1 GB. With Koblenz Trier, a scenario can make railworks.exe eating 3.3 GB of memory. This is very close to the crash limit… I use a 3DZug scenario to test my work. With the default route, railworks.exe reaches 2.94 GB. With this light weight texture pack, it’s only 2.75 GB so about 200 MB less.

    What does the patch?
    The patch contains a lot of textures. It includes the Koblenz Trier mini grass and sky patch and adds :

    • Changes all textures NMC to NM
    • Turns any 2K texture into a 1K texture

    vR HQ Track use 1K texture in Konstanz Villingen and anyone every complain about. Now Koblenz Trier vr HQ Track are down from 2K to 1K… So 1K textures are enough for most usage.


    • First, make a backup of the Assets\Aerosoft\Koblenz-Trier folder
    • Unpack the 7z files in a temp location.
    • Copy the Assets folder from the temp location to the Railworks folder.
    • Overwrite older files.

    Please note that it’s not possible to use a rwp to provide this pack. Using a rwp will not allow to compress the patch enough and will go over the 500 MB allowed by Rail-sim.de.

    Do one of the following:

    • Restore a backup of the Assets\Aerosoft\Koblenz-Trier
    • Reinstall the original route
    • Use steam to download the route again.


    • In some locations, grass goes a bit over the track.
    • In some case, if you look very close to some object, the texture lowering resolution may be visible. I won’t tell which ones, so you will never look at those and mostly never noticed it. If some textures are reported to be too bad, I will rework them.
    • Aerosoft weathers will probably not work anymore...

    Additional Information

    Required Payware
    Required Freeware


Comments 6

  • Zur Info: Wer die Mosel "Reloaded" installiert hat benötigt dieses Pack nicht, es ist teilweise integriert. Wer das trotzdem drüber installiert verschlechtert seine Performance!

  • That´s awesome! Thanks for your work here. Can you maybe also make this for Bruck/Mur - Graz- Maribor by RSSLO. That would be my biggest wish after you work on teh other rsslo routes :)

  • Nice work, no more dumps on big scenarios. :-)

    • Have you noticed any visible graphic quality loss ?

    • Just a little bit but it is worth it to install the patch.
      I also use sweet fx what makes the grapics looks much better.

  • Very good work, thanks a lot ;-)