TS 2017 Repaint BR 189 Academy Repaint Pack

  • BR 189 Academy Repaint Pack

    Six free BR 189 within 66 MB !
    Memory usage is critical if you want to use plenty of AI trains in scenario. TTB KI TRAXX and BR 101 are fine but the BR 189 is missing to have more various consists. My goal was to add a set of BR 189 AI which needs a very low amount of memory and available for every one without the need of DLC. The job is done!
    I would like to thanks Matthias J. from Rail Designs who allow me to use his BR 189 repaint for this pack.


    • 40 MB for the based engine with full audio and textures (BR 189 917 Lokomotion)
    • All BR 189 can be driven in scenarios (low resolution textures inside but readable)
    • Included power correction for my previous BR 189 power correction pack
    • Same front lights level as vR engine (BR 189)
    • First panto used (need to place "driver" mark)
    • Self sufficient pack (works with or without Academy)
    • All BR 189 Academy features preserved : AFB, PZB, cab light, etc.
    • Preload and quick drive capablity for BR 189 917 Lokomotion
    • Easy install : only one AP with fast compression!
    • Easy way to add repaints : 1 folder with 1 texture and 1 engin .bin file
    • Only 5.33 MB per repaint!

    You need to have Academy installed (Railworks\Assets\DTG\Academy\AcademyAssets.ap). It's a default component of the game so you got it (except if you have removed by your self).
    Exctract the BR189AcademyRepaintPack.7z file and copy BR189AcademyRepaintPack.ap in the folder Railworks\Assets\DTG\Academy.
    To use the engines in scenarios, check Academy in DTG Rolling stock.

    Installation Advanced
    NO support for this but of course it works fine ! If you are like me, you don't waiste SSD space for dummy Academy. You don't have to install Academy to enjoy this pack. But tyou have to take two file for the original AcademyAssets.ap. Extract _.sbn.MD5 and _.sbn from the original AcademyAssets.ap and paste them aside with BR189AcademyRepaintPack.ap. Those two files are the keys to make the GeoPxDx works. You did it : Six BR 189 for 66 MB !

    Delete BR189AcademyRepaintPack.ap

    Version 1.0 : initial release
    Version 1.1 : fix random crashs with the advanced installation. The coupling folder was missing... Just overwrite the older version.
    Version 1.1b : Academy logo was not read only. If it still show, extract the .AP.

    Keep in mind that these engines are AI optimised even if I managed to preserve the possibility of driving the AI locomotives and maintaining a very low memory occupancy.
    I encourage scenario creators to use this pack because it is free, easy to install and particularly suited for creating intensive traffic.

    Bugs ?
    Pantograph can be changed with CRTL + P and SHIFT + P. If you cycle to much, all can stay down. Try to cycle in the other way...
    By default, static engine have third panto up | Place a driver to have panto 1 up | Check Broken Engine in scenario editor (double click the engine) to have no panto up
    No ND engine ? Not a bug, a feature !
    RW_Tools will only show the BR 189 917 Lokomotion. Other engine will not show due to the full blueprint technology usage.

    Real Bug
    Texture is not applied on an engine. This leads to a crash to desktop and broke the scenario. :S Version 1.1 fix this problem.
    If you have issue : Help with some issue with BR 189 Academy Repaint Pack

    For freeware developer
    You want to use the blueprint for your reskin ? It's easy and your welcome! Create a folder for your engine in Assets\DTG\Academy\RailVehicles\Electric\ using this king naming BR 189 xxx MyOwnBrand. Within the folder, make a new folder call Engine. Place your 2048x2048 DXT5 texture with this name : 189_body.TgPcDx
    Create a BR189_Engine.bin (or edit a pasted file from the extracted AP) :

    Change line 10, 24 and 54 (BR 189 112 MRCE SBBCI in the sample) with the name of your engine. Please use the same name for folder and engine name.

    Any help is welcome
    I have do my best to offer a free light weight pack. If you handle textures and/or audio files better than I, any improovement to reduce the memory consumption will be integrated. Some memory can the spared by using lower quality audio file. I plan to rework them but I'am not common with audio files.

    Additional Information

    Required Payware
    Train Simulator with Academy installed
    Required Freeware



Comments 7

  • In my case, this pack causes sometime TSC crash in 64bit version of the game. I had to unpack it end then it worked. :)

  • Thank you, this is great! I had to unpack the ap file to get rid of the Academy logo. However, I still get some strange text texture on one side of the top edge / roof part of the SBB locos. Anyone having an idea why?

  • Endlich mal eine Lackierung, die zur 189 paßt. Die Lackierung von Locomotion macht was her.

  • I have set the Academy logo read-only. But I have to extract the AP to remove the logo. Strange... Engine can be driven, it looks it did not want with the logo. Very strange. =/

  • Bei mir glicht es beim start des Szenarios, und dann stürzrt der TS ab. Außerdem musste ich die .ap extrahieren.

  • The Academy-logo is still at all repaints.

  • Und wieder das nächste "RAM-Sparpaket. Langsam wird es unheimlich (gut). Weiter so.