TS 2017 Koblenz-Trier patch v3.1

  • Koblenz-Trier patch v3.1

    *achtung* Information
    Install over any previous version or over AS Koblenz Trier light weight texture pack

    This patch modifies Koblenz Trier according to my preferences:

    • Change sky to nice wispy clouds using different ToD and Kuju skydome (only 2D weather are affected)
    • Switch the most used flashy grass to 4 custom grass, one for each season
    • Add vegetation between Traben Trabach junction and Wittlich tunnel entrance
    • Add vegetation between Traben Trabach junction and Traben Trabach
    • Add vegetation in a lot of areas to avoid seeing only texture from cabview
    • Add vegetation close to most bridges over the Mosel
    • Add fence where track is close to the road
    • Add boats on Mosel
    • Reduce the color saturation of 3 cars
    • Reduce the color saturation of some plants
    • Fix *flying vine*

    The patch did not load more the CPU than the original route. The 4 DDS textures have the same size as the original one's. Within the DDS, there is 4 grass images. I use a larger part of available area. So I can cover more space with grass with less application of the grass images. The spared resources are overbalanced by the added area. I have manualy and carfully edited all grass area along the route to tweak the grass density. The amount of memory used in game did not change with the patch. I did not noticed performance hit with a mid-range desktop. By the way, I have remove as Aerosoft flashy vegetation as possible and fix the grass over roads and tracks.

    Between Traben Trabach junction and Wittlich tunnel entrance (no grass in the original route)

    Use utilities to handle the rwp file

    Reinstall the route


    Additional Information

    Required Payware
    Required Freeware



Comments 15

  • Ich habe eine DVD Version von Aerosoft + Update DVD Version 1.02 installiert.
    I have a DVD version of Aerosoft + Update DVD version 1.02 installed.

    • Sorry, I don't have this version so I can not test it.

  • Durch dieses Update werden am Cochemder Bahnhof die parkenden Autos gegen Milchkannen ausgetauscht, schade. Patch_3.1 bitte mal am Bahnhof Cochem überprüfen.

    • I have downloaded the route from steam and apply the patch. There are no missing car in Cochem.

  • Great! Maybe you can add a better Water texture?

  • Is it possible to delete everything from the old stuff to keep only online what you really need to be up to date?

    • Yes, I was using them as backup, but now they are useless. ;)

  • Top Arbeit !!! Bedarf es die Installation der Patch Version von 1.1 oder beider Versionen 1.0 und 1.1 ???

    • The patch v1.0 is not required. You can install v1.1 only. The old version is still aviable for backup. ;)

  • Klein, aber fein. Danke.

  • so ist es wirklich schön, super !

  • Ich würde mich freuen, wenn die AS BR189 mal PZB und Sifa hat...
    Ansonsten Danke ;)

    • Was hat das mit diesem Update zu tun? Was hat der Autor dieses Update mit der Lok zu tun? Wende dich dafür bitte an AS, oder hole dir die DTG oder VR-EL Version.

    • Ich weiß, aber die wünsche ich mir schon auch seit dem Release, bin nur Pleite :/