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    Trotz der Fehler will ich den TS nie wieder ohne RWE 2 nutzen. Der Entwickler leistet eine mega arbeit. Man meldet ihm einen Fehler, er macht das Programm auf, schreibt das um und lädt Stunden später ein Update hoch. Das ist vorbildlich und ich unterstütze das sehr gerne mit dem Premium Abo auf seiner Seite.

    So ist es.

    Glaubt mir, sobald man sich daran gewöhnt hat, mit der RWE-Sounds zu fahren, fragt man sich, wie man (für mich über 2500 Stunden) mit den oft sehr dünnen TS-Sounds fahren konnte! Es gibt keinen Vergleich und es ist nie wieder möglich zurückzugehen.

    Bei Haltepunkten ist es wichtig zu verstehen, dass RWE2 diese Informationen nicht von TS „erhalten“ kann, sondern alle diese Informationen selbst berechnen muss. Es gibt vielleicht noch Raum für Verbesserungen, aber es wird vielleicht nie perfekt werden. Und ja, beim Halten schalte auch ich oft den TS F3 HUD kurz mal ein, Aber ich finde auch, dass man das mit der Zeit besser wird und das immer weniger braucht.

    Auch aus dieser Sicht ist das RWE2 HUD super. In gewisser Weise verleitet das TS F3 HUD dazu, etwas faul zu sein. Mit dem RWE2 HUD wird einem viel mehr beigebracht, um ein echter Fahrer zu werden.

    Der TS fristet in Deutschland gerade so eine Art scheintod, da kaum mehr jemand Strecken baut.

    Aber was ist 2021/2022 veröffentlicht worden?

    • Dresden - Riesa
    • Salzburg - Mühldorf
    • Holzkirchen - Wörgl
    • Rübelandbahn
    • Berlin S25
    • Karlsruhe - Offenburg/Strasbourg
    • Passau - Regensburg (2022)

    Das ist schon eine beachtliche Menge. In wie vielen Jahren wurden SECHS deutsche TS-Strecken veröffentlicht?

    And, purely by chance, I bumped into another one, which may be related. This scenario is perhaps a mirror image of the case outlined above as the scenario starts seven minutes before the first task, and involves some shunting to the platform where the first task is to be undertaken. RWE2 declares the service finished within seconds following the start of the scenario.

    I found a bug (and another small one which I sent you in a pm on RWCentral last night) . There are scenarios that do not end with a stop, but with some other instruction. RWE2 tends to declare the service finished too early in such cases. In the screenshot below, one of the Beluxtrains scenarios for the Lyon - Marseille route, RWE2 already declares the service finished immediately after leaving Lyon Saint-Exupéry- the starting point. The only other task in the scenario is "Go via Valence 1Rac", which RWE2 does not take into account.

    A UI suggestion. I often find myself, at the start of each scenario, tweaking various HUD and audio settings. This is a quick process, but changing from, say. the HUD to the Audio menu is perhaps not as easy as could be the case. As it is not possible to use the mouse wheel to scroll, it is necessary to use the vertical bar to scroll to the top of the screen in order to then change between the various top level menus. Might it instead be possible for the top-level menu bar ("General, Gameplay, HUD, Audio") always to remain visible, so that it is always possible to quicky switch between these menus without having to scroll to the top first?

    Not sure there is more you can do Patti98 .

    Perhaps some compromise approach can be imagined to reduce the frequency of these messages occurring on routes subject to stuttering - RWE2 pauses its internal operations following the 500-1000 ms detection time, but the actual "simulation paused" message only appears following a further (1000-2000ms?) lag? This will not completely eliminate the issue (TS sometimes stutters for longer) but will make it less intrusive.

    An important thought on the station announcements. I just arrived at Nürnberg Hbf with a EuroNight service from Regensburg. The service in reality would continue all the way to Hamburg Altona, but in TS it is of course not possible to play beyond Nürnberg. Yet, the automated station announcements greated me with "welcome to Nürnberg, the terminus of the train". Fully understandable of course how this comes about. but appropriate it is not. It detracts fairly severely from the great immersion of arriving in the middle of the night at an intermediate stop of an overnight train that, in reality, would still have a long way to travel.

    Unfortunately, in view of the above, I think the default position will have to be that the automated station system cannot currently welcome travellers to the "final station of the train". The very nature of TS is that one often is driving just a portion of a longer train service, particularly as far as long-distance services are concerned. Absent information one way or the other, the station PIS will have to err on the side of caution (so just "welcome to Nürnberg" in the above example). Maybe in the future this can change if RWE2 were to develop more advanced scenario management capabilities (with the user being able to specify whether the final stop of the scenario really is the final stop of the train service that is being simulated?), but we are clearly not living in such a world yet.

    Was ich mir noch wünschen würde ist, das nach Auswahl des Szenarios und drücken des "Drive"-Button im RWE2 das entsprechende Szenario sofort gestartet wird. Im jetzigen Zustand wird ja nur der TS 2022 gestartet und man muss das Szenario, welches man spielen will, erneut suchen und starten.

    Wäre schön! Aber ich bin mir ziemlich sicher dass DTG diese Möglichkeit derzeit nicht unterstützt.

    A minor observation regarding the accelerometer when driving in cruise control conditions at constant speed (currently for me 200 km/h in the 3DZug ICE1).

    At zero gradient, TS and RWE2 both show the speed at a stable 200 km/h. In reality of course, the speed slightly fluctuates around this level under cruise control conditions. The speedometer does not show any decimal points so small fluctuations are natually not shown in the speed figure. However, they are shown in the accelerometer. which constantly shows small yellow/green movements. In the long term, this get annoying and does not serve any meaningful purpose.

    My suggestion would therefore be to apply a cut-off in the accelerometer, such that very minor speed changes are not shown. This could roughly mirror the effect of rounding to whole numbers in the speedometer. One does not see a change from 199,8 to 200,1 km/h in the speedometer so a speed change of roughly this magnitude should not appear in the accelerometer either. No need to be exact - an approximation will suffice. This will make for a more tranquil experience when driving in cruise control conditions.

    One function that I hope will also (eventually - not in the short term) be incorporated in RWE2 is a powerful search function. Like in TS (where a general search function also exists, although it is notoriously unreliable) it should be possible to search for "1S13", "TGV" or "186" and easily find the relevant scenarios incorporating that scheduled service or that specific rolling stock.

    A start already exists within the "route selection" menu, whereas it is possible to search for routes on the basis of, I believe, elements of the route name. This works well. [As the content explorer also lists all intermediate stations, one might eventually expect also to be able to search for these (e.g. search for "Valence" and and obtain "Lyon-Marseille" - this is more a nice-to-have however and not likely to be important for most users].

    A general scenario search function does not sit easily within the structure of the RWE2 interface where one first selects a route and then a scenario. For this reason, I would see a generalised search function as being more of a long-term addition to RWE2. But precisely because of the problematic nature of searching in TS, I do hope that one day we will have this.

    please keep supporting RWE 2 ! I need it !

    As has been pointed out above, RWE 2 is the most significant revolution in TS since the introduction of 64-bit. For journeys at higher speeds, I even think it is the most significant revolution ever. It is causing a notable shift in my TS usage towards higher speeds (where TS previously tended to be underwhelming), greater distances and more time spent in the cab (as opposed to external/passenger views).

    We all have a responsibility towards the developer, but also all other TS users, not only to point out bugs and areas for improvement, but also to promote this incredible and bold product wherever we can. I have opened threads for the product on the UKTS and Dutchsims forums and, whilst these are not as active as, people have also responded favourably there.

    Eventually it would be great for the major streamers, for example AlanThomsonSim, to start discussing and promoting RWE 2. This is bound to happen. But for the product to reach mass market potential and consistenty positive reviews/comments during streams, some potentially controversial issues need to be sorted out first in my view, notably the need to cook upon every launch.

    And then once your RWE 2 play session is finished (when you finish you service), the scripts are completely restored in their original state.

    Just a question - what happens if the RWE 2 play session does not finish properly, eg due to a crash or power outage?

    I think I understand. Ludmilla-Fan All rolling stock sounds remain the same: nothing is changed. RWE2 only adds a number of additional sounds on top, which are often not adequately represented in TS.

    A key example is wind noise that in TS is usually completely absent. RWE2 makes for an incredible difference when driving at 200 km/h or 300 km/h.

    Importantly, for each additional sound layer, you have the option to reduce its volume, or to mute it completely. For example, and surely of interest to you as Ludmila fan, there is a "diesel engine layer" option that is great for stock with poor sounds, but that usually is not appropriate for stock that have high-quality sounds already. In such cases, you simply switch the diesel engine layer overlay off in-game.

    The content explorer could show all routes but the drive menu could only show routes that contains some scenarios for example

    I agree that that is an option. But the route interface in the content explorer, whilst being completely adequate for its purposes, is not as nice as the - simply outstanding - interface in the drive section.

    For me the route interface in the drive section serves a broader purpose than simply selecting a route or scenario to drive. It also shows off my collection. And it does so in a way that has never been done before - with large pictures that. in many cases, have appropriately been chosen (although there is room for improvement here in some cases).

    That "collection overview" feeling is bound to apply to other users too. And it would be lost if routes without scenarios are no longer shown.