RW Tools revival

  • From UKTS;

    As many of you know, I had to stop development of RW_Tools following a PC problem I had which stopped me being able to re-compile the program.

    This week, I had another look at the problem and discovered that with the latest version of Windows 10 some of the items which would not compile before now work again, so some of my problems may have been caused by a Windows 10 update some months ago which has now been fixed. There are still parts of the program which I can't recompile, but feel these are items not used by many, so I am in the process of rewriting a 'Lite' version of the program with a few items missing, i.e. the XML Editor tab on the main window has had to be removed. I have also removed the part of the 'Find all .ap files' option which coloured 'Unpacked' .ap files in red, this never worked correctly and slowed the whole thing by quite a lot. There will probably be some other items removed as well, but I have fixed the bug in the Scenario Editor which stopped 'Trigger Distance....' setting from working.

    If anyone has any more bugs they wish fixed, or suggestions for improvements, now is the time to let me know before I upload the new version..

    Thanks - Mike

  • Freue mich auf die "lite" version.
    Für Leute die nur fahren genügt Lok/Wagen wechseln, für controlieren ob assets complet sind.
    Welche weitere Funktionen die meisten unter uns nützen weiss ich nicht.

    gruss maerklin

    Diese beide Funktionen sollte TS eigentlich standard beïnhalten

  • I wrote this on UKTS

    Hi Mike. The single thing i wish for the most is a quick drive ai consist batch enabler that does the following:

    Edit the routes for qd ai consists for more than one selected consist at the same time.

    Why? I have over hundred home made qd ai consists in my developer folder. Everytime a new route is out i have to edit them one by one. It takes hours. If i could enable all hundred for the new route at once it would be so much time saved.

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