[AP] Class 67 Enhancement Pack

  • Es gibt ja eigentlich schon ein gelungenes Soundpack (ist allerdings von der AP Seite verschwunden).
    Mal schaun was da kommt......(ach ist eigentlich egal-bei Diesellok und AP werde ich sowieso wieder schwach, seufz) *hilfe*

  • So here is what comes, from Facebook, and a nice discount.

    Very soon, our Class 67 Enhancement Pack will be released. This is an upgrade of our previously available Class 67 Sound Pack (Pro). Please see below for what's new in the Class 67 Enhancement Pack:
    - 17 liveries
    - 3 scenarios for South Wales Coastal: Bristol to Swansea
    - Improved run, flange & joint sounds
    - More echo added to horn sound.
    - Volume of engine sounds increased slightly.
    - Cab view camera angle now faces further down so more of the cab desk is visible.
    - Cab window tint greatly reduced.
    - New headlight, marker light & tail light visuals.
    - Headlight only provides illumination before sunrise and after sunset. This is to avoid the unrealistic appearance of projected light in broad daylight.
    - Dynamic driver which automatically appears in the cab where the player is or the leading cab of an AI train.
    - Updated exhaust effects.
    - 'Clag Factor' & 'Motor Factor' added.
    - Electric Train Supply can be turned on by default via locomotive number.
    - 'Trailing Mode' so as to simulate this locomotive with the engine on but not providing any power. Tail lights can be individually configured.
    This pack will be available for £11.99 to new customers and £5.99 for existing users of our Class 67 Sound Pack (Pro).