TS 2017 RSSLO SemmeringBahn and TauernBahn patch


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    • Oups, I haven't seen your question. They should work booth together. If each one change the same thing, the last installed will take over.

    • Does't matter, I have already installed your patch and it works, so no problem!

  • Vielen Dank! Eine Frage: braucht man auch die früheren "no more flashy vegetation" Upgrades noch oder sind die hier schon dabei?

    • It works fine. No more flashy vegetation patch things that the new patch did not fix. BUT, it also containt older texture that have been revisited.

      Install order is :
      1/ no more flashy vegetation.
      2/ this patch.

      RSSLO *3D* grass is a nightmare. The color did not look the same from a site or an other. The only solution to fix it, is to find the .bin file used for the 3D grass and replace the file which targets a 2D grass. I did not plan to work on other RSSLO route. I even uninstall the Karwendelbahn.

  • Great job !

  • It would be great, if you will fixing the Brennerbahn :D