TS 2017 DTG/RSC German route patch for 3D trees, platforms and sky

  • DTG/RSC German route patch for 3D trees, platforms and sky

    DTG/RSC German route patch for 3D trees, platforms and sky
    After fixing Koblenz-Trier (Koblenz-Trier mini grass and sky patch), the DTG/RSC route were looking so fade. So I decide to fix them all. I wanted a very small patch which did not overload memory and did not impact the performances. Radiomaster Vegetation pack is very nice and match my wishes. I would like to thanks Radiomaster who allow me to use a part of his 3D vegetation pack and Schienenbus who get in touch with him for the request.

    IMPORTANT: This patch requires the LGV: Marseille - Avignon Route.


    • version 1.1 22/05/2017 : added Radiomaster 3D trees for Semmering / fix platform character for RhineValley1
    • version 1.2 10/09/2017 : added Wutachtalbahn

    What does the patch?

    • Changes the TimeOfDay to have the nicer Kuju clouds
    • Switches the DTG/RSC 3D trees with the Radiomaster ones
    • Includes an improved version of the trees GeoPcDx that avoid visible LOD changing
    • Uses 26 characters grouped in 4 sets of 12 wearing seasonal clothes
    • Increases the number of characters on platforms
    • Sets the same sound level for level crossings
    • Works for the following routes:

      • RSC Munich Augsburg
      • RSC Hamburg Hannover
      • RSC Munich Garmisch
      • DTG Cologne Koblenz
      • DTG RhineValley1 (aka Mannheim Karlsruhe)
      • DTG Munich Rosenheim
      • DTG Hamburg Lubeck
      • DTG Semmering
      • DTG Mittenwald
      • DTG Wutachtalbahn


    • First, make a backup of the routes (Assets and Content)
    • Unpack the 7z files
    • Use utilities to install the rwp or unpack the rwp and past it in your game folder
    • Overwrite older files

    There is different way to remove the patch:

    • Restore a backup of the routes Assets and Content
    • Delete the route and use steam to check game content
    • If you haven’t unpacked the AP, you can easily spot and remove the files from the patch.

    Installed and modified files
    The following files are added to the game:

    • Assets\Radiomaster\objekt.ap. It contains the Radiomaster improved trees. If you already have the Radiomaster vegetation pack, please, unpack the objekt.ap to overwrite older GeoPcDx.
    • Assets\Provider\RouteName\TimeOfDay\season.bin. One file for each season to use the Kuju weather and clouds. The patch only changes 2D weathers.
    • Assets\Provider\RouteName\ Scenery\Vegetation\trees_names.bin. Those files point to the Radiomaster vegetation instead of the DTG/RSC.
    • Assets\Provider\RouteName\ Scenery\Characters2014\PlatformCharacters.bin. Those two files point to the LGVMedSouth characters instead of the DTG/RSC.
    • Assets\Provider\RouteName\ Audio\RailNetwork\LevelCrossings. The .dav file set the same sound for level crossing.

    The following files are changed:

    • Content\Routes\000000xx-0000-0000-0000-0000000020xx\. The RouteProperties.xml is changed to add DTG and Radiomaster as providers.

    Not all routes have all files. All files added/replaced by the patch v1.1 have 22/05/2017 00:00 creation time.

    If you have the default routes, there will be any issue with the patch. So for most users, this section is not important.

    If you have already edited your routes to add providers, your changes will be lost. But if you have already add providers, you know how to fix: just add them again. This patch needs DTG LGVMedSouth and Radiomaster object as providers to work. For information, here is a sample off what is added to the end of the file (sample is CologneKoblenz RouteProperties.xml).

    Patch needs line 6 to 13 to work.


    • In some locations, some branches go over the track
    • Any other report for now

    Additional Information

    Required Payware
    Required Freeware



Comments 25

  • Gute Arbeit Jungs jetzt ist das Fehler weg

  • Pascal (ES67F4): DANKE !!! DANKE !! Wir erkennen die traurige Atmosphäre der DTG-Straßen nicht mehr. Toll diesen Patch, den ich vorher noch nicht gesehen hatte. Du machst großartige Arbeit (ich habe die auf RSSLO-Strecken schon genossen ..)

    Pascal (ES67F4) : MERCI !!! DANKE !! On ne reconnait plus l'ambiance triste des routes de DTG. Formidable ce patch que je n'avais pas repéré avant. Tu fais du super travail (j'ai déjà apprécié celui sur RSSLO route..)

    • Ich bin froh zu wissen, dass es Ihnen so gut gefällt!

      I'am glad to know you enjoy it so much!

  • I made a patch for almost all of these Routes with DB Tracks (I didn't publiced it yet). Maybe we could combine it with your patch.

  • Ok, thank you for the hint, now it´s possible.
    My last question is for the required route 'LGV: Marseille - Avignon Route'. I want not install (and perhaps buy) the whole route, so what single parts of this route are required? Maybe I can delete the rest cause of limited space on my harddrive... Or are the other possibilities without LGV: Marseille - Avignon Route installing your update?

    • 'LGV: Marseille - Avignon Route' is only required to have the new people on plateform. If you dont want/need them, extract the patch in a temp location. In the temp location, For each route, check the Assets folder an delete the subfolder Scenery\Characters2014. After, you can copy the patch from the temp location to the railworks folder.

  • Is it possible to select the routes I want to install your patch? F.E. I want to patch HH-H and Köln-Koblenz, but not Munich-Garmisch - here I want still use the trainworks-update with the Schuster-Signals and other changes on this route.

    • You can unpack the files in a temp place and get only those for the routes you want. The structure of the game and the patch is easy to understand.

  • Bei mir fehlen die Schienen wie das??? Kann man mir da bitte auf die Sprünge helfen?

    • Did you use DB Tracks before applaying this patch ? If the answer is yes, you just have to edit RouteProperties.xml and add the RWaustria to the assets providers.

    • Danke für die Hilfe. Die Schienen sind wieder da. Kann ich jetzt die DB Tracks installieren?

    • Yes. You can use DB track. But how do you install them ? With TrainWorks patch ? The goal to have everything right is to have the provider listed in the patch description in RouteProperties.xml AND the same kind of lines for RWaustria DB tracks. This can help you : http://railworkswiki.com/tiki-…oduct+Assets+in+RailWorks In the exemple, it's Developper and Addon1, in your case, it should be RWaustria and DBtrack (or something like that).

    • Ich wollte die DB Tracks zum Beispiel so installieren. https://railworks-austria.at/i…te-fuer-muenchen-augsburg

    • It should work with this patch. The patch from Railworks-austria did not change the same things as this one. If it does not work, well, it's out of my knowledge.

  • If you are interested in a version without the platform characters, like this or post a comment here. :)

  • So, alle Strecken Jungfräulich, ohne Trainworks-Update. Fast 4GB eingespart, und sieht toll aus. Und funktioniert Perfekt. Vielen Dank.

  • Gilt der Patch für alle Rsc Strecken? Ist es mit Trainworks Upgrade vereinbar? Danke...

    • The patch affect : RSC Munich Augsburg, RSC Hamburg Hannover, RSC Munich Garmisch, DTG Cologne Koblenz, DTG RhineValley1 (aka Mannheim Karlsruhe), DTG Munich Rosenheim, DTG Hamburg Lubeck, DTG Semmering (no support for trees) and DTG Mittenwald.

      This patch is not very compatible with thoses from Trainworks They do the same kind of job and will conflict. If you want to have the DB Track (included in Trainwork patch and not in this one), install first Trainworks patch and this patch after. If tracks are missing, edit the route and add RWAustria in the providers.

    • if it overwrites the old trees and keeps tracks with ballast, it would be good. I will test it with Trainworks and modenabler.

    • My patch did not change anything to the track and ballast. It's possible to have booth. Mine replace about the same trees but Trainwork replace also some bush (but there are missing files and incorrect path in their patch). With some knowledge about the game files, any one can make them work togagther. I have DB tracks from Trainworks patch and my patch in my own TS installation. But I can not include they work in my patch.

  • großartige patch!

  • Wow - sieht gut aus!

  • Tolles Patch, löst die Probleme mit den Trainworks-Upgrades bzgl der fehlenden Objekte, da hier alle verfügbar sind.

    • Werde dementsprechend am Wochenende die entsprechenden Strecken "jungfräulich" neu runter laden/installieren und mit diesem Patch ausstatten. Tolle Arbeit, so simpel und doch sieht es gut aus.

    • Hallo !

      Sinken die Fps mit dem Patch ?