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    salvador251 I'm not entirely sure if I get this right now since I'm not very familiar with the loco configurator but I'll try to explain.

    Start TS-MFD and Train Simulator, start a quickdrive with the locomotive you want to use. Connect TS-MFD to Train Simulator and open the Lok Konfigurator (You'll find it under the "Tools"-menu) and click "Aktualisieren" and the name of the locomotive loaded in TS shows up. You can then configure the all the values as you want. You can choose what kind of displays it has with the list found at "Display" and also chose what displays it has. The 186 is mostly similar to the 146.1/146.2/185/246/285, so choose this alternative. Then, you have a long list of different options where you link the different controls, light messages etc to the corresponding value that the locomotive has. When it comes to K-Trains 186, it seems that there's a lot of things named in the Czech language so I guess Google will be useful translating everything.

    I'm not sure how much this actually will help you, but I hope it gets you somewhere. :)

    Back to the ETCS again. I'm trying to figure out how it reads the route and the signals. I've made attempts at getting it to work at different routes that has different signal types, Passau - Linz with RSSLO's signals and Freilassing - Linz using Cornflakes ÖBB signals. When it comes to the RSSLO signals, the ETCS doesn't read the signals at all, giving me full Movement Authority even with a signal showing stop.

    When it comes to Cornflakes signals it's the other way around. It reads _all_ signals. Unfortunately this means even the shunting (Verschub) signals, meaning that even when the main signals is showing a green light the ETCS will stop the train at the shunting signals since they are - correctly - showing stop.

    Neither of these cases gives a good result, even though it's at least driveable with the RSSLO signals.

    So, what should I look for? Is there anything one can do about it? Thoughts?

    An extension for Nürnberg - Regensburg including the Nürnberg Rangierbahnhof and / or the Ringbahn would be absolutely amazing. Difficult and a lot of work, so might just stay with a dream. But nevertheless, it would be a great extension and make for a natural start/end point for freight train running Nürnberg - Regensburg - Passau. :)

    Kal000px Take your time, I think we all agree on that. I’d rather wait a couple of extra months for a model that is complete and working when released than a model that’s filled with bugs and problems. The latter won’t be used anyway and will just cause irritation.

    I’m looking forward for your model, it’s looking absolutely amazing and in the meanwhile I’ll just play along with the 186. :)

    Oh, and by the way, happy holidays now that they are coming up. Take your time for your family and friends, after all they are what matters the most :)

    If you know Zusi 3, there is an EBuLa Application included in Zusi Displays. Maybe you can learn from there.

    To explain all the details of the timetable would be too much for here.

    But for the question with the station times : Yes, there are informations with seconds like 15:17.2 but for us train drivers the minute is important. So you not really have to wait 20 seconds past 15:17 to depart.

    Thank you very much :) I'll see what I can find there.

    Hi! I've falled into the trap of making EBuLa-timetables for scenarios and routes. It's a nice, relaxing thing to do and it enhances the driving experience by a lot.

    However, I'm not from Germany and I'm not a real train driver so accessing real timetables isn't very easy (For obvious reasons. I don't need nor should I need access to the systems!), but I still want to create timetables as correct as possible

    This gives me a few questions; What entries do in real life have the passing time and in what way is it calculated? Do time need to calculated even for Sbk-signals? Do I round times to the closest minute (For example: Would it be 15:17:20 or 15:17:00 for a station?)

    I understand not everything is allowed to be shared to the public, but I would appreciate all you can give me ;)

    Thanks in advance! :)

    Normaly should it work. But i cant it testing now. The Raildriver had nothing to do with TS. Simple Sayed, its a bridge to connect you analog input for the TS.

    It does work with pretty much all other trains I've got installed. So it might be the scripting in this specific locomotive and I guess then there's nothing one can do from the Raildriver interface.

    The team has pushed through a few updates fixing different bugs, including the issue with Virtual Railroads PZB-system. :)

    Tested it out and can strongly recommend it, especially if one does not already have RW Enhancer or RW Enhancer Pro.

    Have tried it for a short while. Not enough to have an opinion yet though. Graphics is "deeper" in a way, the overall look seems to have a depth to it. Looks really good. The modular HUD-system feels good, easy to configure "on the run" thanks to the menu bar. For me, though, I'm not using them very much anyway. I tend to drive without the HUD as much as possible (Route knowledge and EBuLa is a good thing) and only use the HUD while testing things.

    However! I have noticed some bugs. With the vR EL-locomotives I can't change PZB-mode (Ctrl+8) when using RWE2. As soon as I turn RWE2 off, it works fine again. Testing continues...

    You need TS-Bridge on your pc. On your tablet you need TS-MFD Module.

    At TS-Bridge you must check the path to Train simulator.exe and the Internetconnection. This must the same in the TS-MFD on your Tablet. On tablet choose "ts-bridge" instead of "Direct (Windows-Only)"

    If you run a szenario on your pc then the tablet should connect to the TS-Bridge and should show you the train. It doesn´t work without loading a train.

    Thank you. I got it to work eventually even though I don't really know how. I installed TS-Bridge 64 bit and then it worked perfect.

    And after installing the application as a .apk-file from the website I managed to import even my own produced timetables to the tablet. Made a donation, because this is an absolutely fantastic program and why it haven't become more popular only god knows. Thank you, Sillo!

    I'm sorry for first off for writing in english, my german simply won't cover me now, and if this question has been answered earlier.

    Anyhow - is it possible for me to import timetables, lokconfigs etc for the tablet without the file being uploaded to TS-MFD server?
    Also; when connected to TS-Bridge from my tablet I get the error message that no controller is found (Keine controller gefunden) and my EBuLa won't connect with Train Simulator. I might have missed something here, but I can't really see what.

    300 kilometers?

    The doubt is: either the programmers of this SIM are geniuses in their work or the DTGs are amateurs in their work.:/

    SIM Rail 2021 seems to promise a little too much.

    We will see later (and with what quality).

    It sure sounds like a lot but given that it's more or less a "Polish ZuSi" and based on a program that is used in real polish training simulators it's not too unlikely. The foundation for the simulator was already there and they probably got a lot of help from the polish railways.

    It'll be exciting to try it, for sure :)