TSW 2 Clinchfield Reimagined - Updated - v 1.3.1

  • Clinchfield Reimagined - Updated - v 1.3.1

    I present to you Clinchfield Reimagined. A texture mod for the Clinchfield route. My primary objective was to get rid of some of the repetitive patterns in the textures, and since I was going to do as much, I decided to adjust the tone of said textures to bring together the terrain, and make all it's features feel a bit more cohesive. I feel as if now I've finally managed to get a good balance of color between all the terrain textures. I feel like the textures now truly work together well with the colors of the foliage, which makes foliage distance culling almost invisible, of course as much as that can be. In any case, with my mod, everything should be a little bit easier on the eyes, whilst maintaining the original artistic vision of DTG and realistically depicting Eklhorn City, KY to Dante, VA.

    I initially created this with no intention of releasing it to the public, however I am actually quite pleased with how it makes the route look and thought that if I do, so will others. I feel like I made it look as good as I can. If you have any suggestions on changing any features, please feel free to let me know.

    If you appreciate my work, and would like to support future modding endeavors, please consider a donation, anything is appreciated.

    Installation Instructions:

    Place the file 'TS2Prototype-Clinchfield-Reimagined.pak' into '(GAME_LOCATION)\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC'

    (GAME_LOCATION) being the game directory ex. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2'


    If you do distribute this file, make sure to give proper credit as found in the Read Me. Thank you.

    Additional Information

    Required Payware
    Train Sim World 2: Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante Route Add-On
    Required Freeware

    Change notice

    Change Comment
    v 1.3.1 - Current
    Rush Hour / Epic Games Store (UE4 4.26) Compatibility

    v 1.3
    Further tweaked a whole bunch of textures, many times over
    Completely revamped Dante Chapel.
    -- original model has been edited by me, both to add a bit of detail and to further optimize UV maps
    -- created entirely new texture maps, along with entirely new materials which are fully integrated into TSW's weather system

    v 1.2
    Version uploaded to rail-sim.de; pretty much the same thing as 1.1 with a few extra texture tweaks

    v 1.1
    Changed Wheat Grass texture to portray a version of the grass that's not mature/dried out
    Further tweaked the Ballast texture and height map to remove some very small patterns and make the ballast differentiate between one another a bit better with the height map
    Adjusted Grass texture and mask as it was causing a washed-out effect on fade between 2 textures on terrain
    Corrected Ballast to match by bridges and tunnels
    Minor tweaks to other textures

    v 1.0
    Replaced 2 ground textures along with their respective Diffuse, Specular, Mask (where applicable) and Normal maps.
    Replaced ballast Diffuse and Specular maps with texture/map created by me, also replaced terrain ballast normal map with higher resolution version used with track
    Reworked another 7 textures (Diffuse and Specular maps) to better suit the area.