[DOME] EuroCity 104 Porta Moravica Teil 1 und 2

  • TS 2019 64x

DomederZocker -

Sie fahren heute den EuroCity 104 Porta Moravica von Graz HBF nach Wiener Neustadt HBF zuerst nach Bruck a. d. Mur.
Viel Spaß
  • Dson -

    Overall this is some nice scenarios. Some might find them basic, but it's ok. However, I had a problem with stop signals in Neunkirchen. Stop signal after the station, and than stop signals all the way to Wiener Neustadt. So befehl 40 for the last 15-20 km. No AI trains at all on that part of the route. Might want to check that :)

    • DomederZocker -

      Hey, I will check it for sure! :)

    • DomederZocker -

      I just tested it again and it works fine on my Train Simulator, LG

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