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    Since the 64bit upgrade (did a reinstall twice, actually), I have lost the mouse text when hovering over buttons in cabin, so I can no longer read what all those black buttons are for. This is a minor problem. Not being able to see what all those stupid symbols are in the Editor though... is a catastrophe to me. Makes the editor more or less useless.

    Does anyone know how I can get the hover (over) text back?

    I would recommend at least 6GB on your GTX 1060. Got myself the 6GB version a year ago, thinking "in case I get a 4K monitor later". Now I have that 4K monitor, and flow is fine both in P3D and TS, frame rate between 40-60 when being careful using lowest SSAA settings. I have found SSAA to be a "must" for both simulators, taking away jaggies on long, thin objects - like catenarys.

    Rest of system is:

    i7-3770K 3,5GHz@4,5GHz, 512GB M2 disc (5xSSD speed), 16GB RAM.

    Sending AI trains into the Puttgarten portal (ICE-TD) gives a lot of realism to Hamburg-Lubeck, as they leave Lubeck Hbf, pass through the harbour area, and disappear. What I see parked at Lubeck sidings is just fine realism. I also let trains come from this portal, by parking them just outside where the track ends, and sending them into Lubeck Hbf - und weiter. Have not had any problems as long as I set the Portal as end destination.

    I have an abnormally good hearing, which tests have proved again and again. Can be useful at work as a technician, but hurts more than it is useful. I worked 9 years with Norwegian locos, fault tracing, testing, driving them (the funny part) :D .

    I know all too well how bad the stromrichters sound from the outside, and when in the engine room. They do absolutely not sound as bad in the cab of for example the EL-17 (the E-120's sister loco), or the EL-18 (Re 460). The EL-18 is downright scaringly quiet in the cab - way to go.

    So either the modern locos have gotten worse regarding the high-pitched sound, or the TS locos (including vR) are way off. For example I love the BR 185, but simply cannot drive it for a long period as my ears hurts after a short while.

    Is there anything I can do to manipulate the stromrichter sound file? If the case, please tell me how. I have decent audio programs, so I just need to know where to find the files, and/or how to extract them.

    PS: Found some info in other threads, forgive for posting this (want to delete but can't). Got to do my searches in German ;-)

    EDIT: OK, there seem to not be any special threads about this (in general) but if I'm wrong, moderator please delete this post. Meanwhile I found a solution. Being used to xml coding, I just changed a value in BR 185\Audio\Cab\Cab_Sound_Proxy.xml. The BaseVolume.

    <kLoud-cSingleSampleSound d:id="17781">
    <Name d:type="cDeltaString">Traktionsstromrichter End</Name>
    <IsLooped d:type="bool">0</IsLooped>
    <Priority d:type="sUInt32">50</Priority>
    <BaseVolume d:type="sFloat32">0.25</BaseVolume> (Original value 0.4 replaced with 0.25)
    <VolumeVariation d:type="sFloat32">0</VolumeVariation>
    <BasePitchShift d:type="sFloat32">1</BasePitchShift>
    <PitchShiftVariation d:type="sFloat32">0</PitchShiftVariation>
    <AttenuationStartDist d:type="sFloat32">10</AttenuationStartDist>
    <NoFutherAttenuationDist d:type="sFloat32">10</NoFutherAttenuationDist>
    <InstanceGroup d:type="ref">0</InstanceGroup>
    <Filename d:type="cDeltaString">virtualRailroads\vR_BR185_2_EL\Audio\Cab\Traktionsstromrichter-End.dav</Filename>

    See this for more info:

    If you doubleclick the marker (usually in front of your train), you can edit those properties anytime. It looks the same like the driver marker on top your loco, but with a different symbol on it. You may need to hold down your right mouse button and use the keyboard arrows to move around a little in order to see it. Usually this maker is right up my face when I start the editor, so I have to start by moving left or right in order to see anything at all :-p


    Looking very much forward to this scenery. Been around Hamburg, Bremen, Oldenburg, Varel, Wilhelmshaven in the 60's much, learnt how to love flat landscapes. Been over Vogelfluglinie several times (V200 and BR 216). Had a peek at freeware Oldenburger Umland, lovely stuff, but too much for me to install. Oldenburg is too much anyway, I always get lost in those city streets :-)

    I have both. I love the sneer of the Konstanz-Villingen BR 189 (reduced vR) when zipping over the mountains, but hated the E-brake (which we in Norway call EP brake - elektro pneumatic; it is both regenerative and use computer generated output for the disc brakes at the same time). So I purchased the vR loco, got the same great sneering, plus instruments that behave like analog (even if coming from a computer), not on/off regulation like many tragic default locos. When going downhills (on AFB) with this one, I can lean back and have a cigar before Immendingen or Engen. I drive the 185 because the Railpool loco operates here in Norway, and the vR version is another pleasant surprise.

    Regarding weather; sometimes I also get bad weather/snow, even if I made it sunny the first time in editor. I have stopped speculating why. I just close TS, restart it, then again go into the editor, set my own weather again as first thing to do, then save.

    For another reason I won't speculate about, my cloned "Hardship Harbour" (H_L) let me set weather my first edits, but no more. I get zwangs 22:30 no matter what daytime I set. But my chosen weather is fine. I'll get back to the issue if I find an answer. Maybe never :-p

    It seems to me it has nothing to do with swapping locos, as this happened when I just cloned the H-L mission and set a sunny daytime, did nothing more.

    Latest (a tad off topic): At Hamburg Wandsbek I have a Railpool vR loco on siding two, in my opposite direction. Time set so he will try to leave as I arrive. I get a red light and can go no further. You know why? Because the Railpool consist go bakwards off siding two, then drive into siding 1 and stops there. Which is my siding!!

    At that point I leave my mission. I can only conclude the editor and/or H-L signalling is totally whacked and full of ghosts.

    64bit works fine here, editor included, as I never used it with 32bit (being a newbie). Been using it a lot with 64bit to make my first missions, and everything works well. But my RW modified H-H and H-L started to go slower and slower. On top of that add all the faults I myself introduce.

    So today I reinstalled it all, and now I am zipping the H-H line at tremendous speeds (great feeling of speed) with the Metronom and ICE 2. The custom tracks.bin was the bugger with H-H, made many of the standard and career missions useless. The only H-H mod I currently use is the custom track rule.

    I will keep my TS 2019 pretty vanilla for a while, as the reinstall gave me the fun back. No more fault tracing, having a beer while pushing the Metronom up to 180 km/h (doable with PZB enabled) ... :D

    If memory serves, the BR 218 from Steam also make my RT BR 218 disappear from the Loco menus. As I have H-L I simply don't use it (buying it was one of my early TS mistakes).

    I have noticed my RT BR 218 gets messed up if I use the dostos with control cab from H-H with it, so for my new Lubeck Harbour - Hamburg Wandsbeck siding freight mission, I'm gonna try to use it as AI with classic nahwerkehr wagen instead.

    PS: This mission wasn't easy to make, as my freight train was sent into the left track towards Hamburg. I solved this by giving it waypoints through all the stations on the way to Hamburg Wandsbeck.

    Thanks for those great RW upgrades, I use H-L (a lot!) and H-H.

    Regarding Hamburg-Hannover v1; first I got trees with whacko textures along the line. So I read all the threads here but found nothing. After stubbornly experimenting for a couple of days, I finally found out I needed the full version of "Radiomaster" (Radiomaster Complete). I also use the Schuster signale to get rid of the terrible, unreal 160 zones along the line (been ICE passenger there a couple of times real-life).

    Everything is well, but there is one thing left: The hekotometertafeln are missing. If I have understood things right, those were already missing in the original H-H? So maybe not in RW v1 as well?

    (I used H-H Deluxe for a while, but reverted to H-H v1 because I like to use the original missions).

    PS: For those wondering, the black booms at road crossings at night in H-L are already there in H-L default.

    My first pic; from the infamous Hamburg-Lubeck "Hardship Harbour" mission. Been driving this again and again to find out how to avoid the Kamikaze BR 218 waiting for me at Bad Oldesloe. Lately I took the dispather's text as a clue, then drove like mad from Arensburg with max speed 120 km/h with the standard BR 145. And took a medal three times in a row, and had the pleasure of entering the Lubeck siding.

    Lately, I found out how to swap the DTG BR 145 with my new vR. Finally a loco that accelerates and brakes more or less like the real thing! Just that my first vR mission also ended with a crash! So I need to test this more, so that I again can pass that BR 218 at Bad Oldesloe and give the driver my middle finger :-p