Connecting locomotive player to AI train

  • Good evening everyone, my name is Valerio and I write from Italy.

    I am delighted in creating scenarios for Railworks and I decided to ask you for help, for some advice on the problem I described in the title of this topic.

    Basically I would like to create a scenario in which the player is on board a locomotive that will have to hook an AI train that will stop in the head station to make the locomotive change: once the AI train locomotive has been unhooked, its carriages will be hooked from the player's locomotive and will go to their final destination.

    In some videos on the net, like this:

    you can see what I would like to simulate.

    In particular at 2:50 a train is seen arriving whose carriages will be hooked up by the player's locomotive.

    I have made some attempts, but the damned scenario editor dispatcher returns errors on errors and does not allow me alternatives of any kind.

    Would you be kind enough to help me?

    Thanks to anyone who wants to help me.

  • I created a simple Szenario. Try and look how it works.

    Its on Konstanz_Villingen, but if you extrakt the Szenario from the package, it should work on Konstanz_Hausach_TSG_RouteExtension too.

    Rolling Stock: KUJU (ELAP).


    Keine Hilfe und Auskunft per PN, da meist von allgemeinem Interesse. Diese Fragen im Forum stellen.

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  • StS,thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I don't have any of the two routes.

    I'm continuing to try solutions on solutions, but for now nothing useful or decisive.

    See you soon.


  • So the video shows one of this Routes. So my Idee a Testscenario running there.

    Which Route? an own Route? There are working Signals to seperate all locos? The TS do not accept more then one loco in an Signal-Block.

    Then The KI should have a higher Service Class as the Player.

    Which Route Do you have, So I can try an other Example Scenario.

    Keine Hilfe und Auskunft per PN, da meist von allgemeinem Interesse. Diese Fragen im Forum stellen.

  • Sts, I apologize for not being clear in my request.

    I delight in creating scenarios on various types of routes, preferably Italian, but also German and French.

    The typical situation that I can't really create is that of the posted video, by way of example.

    My problem is to create a scenario where an AI train arriving at a head station, releases the locomotive and is hooked by the Player's locomotive, which will then take the train to its final destination.

    The video that I reported, was only an example, to explain to all of you what the condition I would like to create, in the scenario I'm working on.

    I apologize again for my lack of clarity.

    Thank you.


  • Hi Valerio,

    Assuming you know how to usually configure some shunting activities in general, you can do a 'handover' from AI to the player quite similar to the way how you would take over any consist.

    Just a basic example:

    1. Player loco arrives at siding-A and wants to take over the consist at siding-B..... which has yet not arrived.

    2. Configure an AI-train which pulls the respective consist your player is waiting for - let it arrive at siding-B and then uncouple all wagons.

    3. The AI-loco now needs to leave siding-B (without the wagons) to free the path for the player.

    4. According to your instructions, the player may now shunt to siding-B and take over the consist which has just arrived via AI.

    ... that's it. What TS does not allow is to take over the AI-train incl. the AI-loco.

    Hope it works for you.

  • Hi Coasty,

    you have been very kind to answer and yes, now I think I understand that with the editor, there is no possibility to connect AI consist, if before the locomotive owner has not left the track on which the player's locomotive will go to hook the wagons to perform the service.

    My problem was to carry out this operation on a head track, that is, the AI train, arrived on the trunk track, the loco was detached and the player would have had to hook the wagons and start again in the opposite direction.

    I seem to understand that this operation is impossible, since it is not enough that the AI locomotive is unhooked from the wagons, the latter must free the track.

    Impossible thing on a trunk track.

    Many thanks to all.

  • Hi Coda, Now you got it!..... the AI-loco, needs to uncouple the consist you want to take over AND needs to leave the siding.