[Rivet Games] Gotthardbahn Alpine Classic: Erstfeld – Bellinzona

    • [Rivet Games] Gotthardbahn Alpine Classic: Erstfeld – Bellinzona

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      Link zum Shop: Steam
      Preis: 33,99€
      Veröffentlichungsdatum: 01.08.2019

      Nutzt bitte die Umfrage um Euren Gesamteindruck zu vermitteln. Kommentare sind erwünscht, um beispielsweise Eure Entscheidung zu begründen. Was hat Euch z.b. besonders gut gefallen oder was besonders schlecht, generelle Gestaltung, Bahntechnische Umsetzung, Signalisierung, Sicherungssysteme? Auch Kommentare zur Performance sind wünschenswert. Hier bitte kurz und knapp auch die jeweiligen System-Daten angeben (CPU-RAM-Grafikkarte). Abgegebene Stimmen können auch nachträglich geändert werden, z. B. nach einem Update.

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      Liebe Grüße

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    • About the track
      + The layout : It's the Gothard so it's great and as enjoyable as Semmering.
      + It runs soomth and loads fast
      - Scenery is far too poor comparing with recent route like Munster to Bremen or Konstanz to Villingen
      -- No life ! Except car on road, there are any animated object
      -- Bugs on QD : distance display, train going on right track without reason
      -- Mistakes on track speed
      -- Missing signal for speed change
      --- Did not handle two tracks speed : signal display two speeds and HUB did not reflect the one according to the train (passanger / freight)
      --- Always red signal on the other track

      I don't have ride enough on the track for more feedback about signal and so on.

      About RE 460 (one of my favorite engine)
      ++ Train lenght and weight displayed on the dashboard
      + Cab is far more nicer than the Mersel one
      + Nice 3D model
      - No softshadow
      - No selectable panto
      - Single speed wipers
      - Wipers work on both end
      - Single headlight level
      - No rollo for driver (but it close for other cab so anim exists)
      - No weathering on windshield
      -- Missing glass behind the useless opened mirrors
      -- The mirrors must be closed outside the stations (or user selectable).
      -- No power switch
      --- Jerky AFB when going down
      --- Physic and brakes (RG RE 460 alone can cross Gothard at 236 Km/h ! Yeah, she stays on track)
      --- ETSC far to basic ! It did not display next speed reduction in QD
      --- Magnetic brakes are not animated and only act as parking brake. They seem not working for emergency.
      ----- Worst sound ever since years

      Even DTG have made beter engine than this one... Driving pleasure is not present with this RE 460 wich can just be a AI engine.
      This addon was released too early to take adavantage of the national Swiss day... RG have to go back to work and take exemple on Freiburg-Basel, Konstanz-Villingen or Muenster-Bremen.

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