TS 2021 [Seungwan] PbZ 2463 Frankfurt(Main) - Basel Bad Bf (2018)

  • [Seungwan] PbZ 2463 Frankfurt(Main) - Basel Bad Bf (2018)

    Service Introduction

    PbZ (Personenzug für besondere Zwecke) or Passenger train for special purposes (in english) are transfer trains for passenger coaches and locomotives from DB Regio and DB Fernverkehr.

    These special trips occur if there is an exchange of rolling stocks and/or locomotives between various maintenance or work facilities of DB.

    Sometimes, there are multiple rolling stock exchanges in between the trip so that makes the journey longer than expected.

    Today, you’re driving one of the PbZ service that is originated from Frankfurt(Main) to Basel Bad Bf, starting from Freiburg.

    Important Notes for This Scenario:

    • PbZ timetable is according to real timetable based on PbZ timetable I found on https://www.drehscheibe-online.de and its train configuration is based on a picture I found on bahnbilder.
    • Long distance and regional traffic are according to the real timetable for the year.
    • Freight timetable is fictional but still maintaining some realism based on their destinations, locomotives, and the freight configurations.
    • This scenario involves waiting time and slower journey according to the nature of the service which has the lowest priority on the railway.
    • I apologize if there are inaccuracies in this scenario. I tried my best to maintain realism even though I have yet to experience rail traffic in Germany. I’m completely relying on photos and timetables I found on the internet.
    • Important! After a stop at Efringen-Kirchen, you may encounter some faulty red signals. You can just press tab before passing the signal and won’t have any problems, except for the last entrance signal to Basel Bad, you have to slow down to at least 40 km/h and press pzb befehl40 button to prevent the emergency brake application.

    - Thank you for downloading this scenario and I hope you enjoy it as much as I creating it.

    - If you found any errors please do not hesitate to leave your comment on my profile at railsim.de or the scenario comment section.

    - Please do leave a positive feedbacks or constructive criticism for the sake of my improvements on creating future scenarios.

    Additional Information

    VR DB BR 181 "Lorraine"
    Freiburg - Basel Reloaded
    Required Payware
    Read the manual
    Required Freeware
    Read the manual
    Hard - adverse signals, longer waiting times
    Duration (in min.)

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