TS 2021 [Dson] RB 59442 - Ein Herbstmorgen mit der Werdenfelsbahn

  • [Dson] RB 59442 - Ein Herbstmorgen mit der Werdenfelsbahn

    RB 59442, the first RegionalBahn in the morning from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Munich. Start by shunting the train from the storage tracks to the platform, make it ready for departure and bring the early bird commuters into the city.

    • Player Train: BR 442 - Werdenfelsbahn
    • Crew announcement spoken by myself
    • Automatic announcements (Made by Albertikus90, thanks for sharing these with the community!)
    • Real timetable based on 10.11.20
    • Extended weather from Armstrong Powerhouse
    • Scenario text and announcements in German

    This is my first scenario and there might be things to improve that I couldn't find during my test drives. Also, if anyone wants to help me with better spoken announcements and german translations of some text, I would highly appreciate it :)

    Additional Information

    Deutsch / English
    BR 442 Talent2
    München - Garmisch Deluxe
    Required Payware
    DTG BR442, BR440, ICE 3M, RSSLO BR642, TTB Scenario Pack 2, CT FLIRT3, AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
    Required Freeware
    See Readme
    Duration (in min.)

    Change notice

    Change Comment
    Version 1. Updates might follow.



Comments 4

  • Du hast vor dem Packen vergessen, deine Backups zu löschen, wir können damit nichts anfangen. Bitte sofort löschen und neu uploaden, danke.

    • Thank you! Had no idea about it. Repacking right now and upload should be on it's way any minute.

      Just to learn more, does these files mean the scenario doesn't work?

    • Did you use LocoSwap to make a change in your scenario and it makes allways a backup of your first version, if the second version does not work, you can delete the second and rename the first, so you have it back.

      After a change with LocoSwap you should allways delete the backup, before you make a rwp-package, but you can keep it for yourself, if needed.

    • That explains everything. I actually had no idea about that. Again, thank you very much.