Replacement Sound Vossloh Euro 4000 V1.0


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  • DIe möchte ich mal ausprobieren. :)

  • Die Lok ist vom Sound her ein richtiger Hammer. Top Arbeit.

  • hey man! love the sound! How did you get the european loco to work? I have installed it but the engine stays at 200 rpm,sanding doesn't stop and no keyboard shortcuts work (the iberian one works fine) Is there something I missed? I just installed the rwp,i'd love to install your sound on it.

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    • yes I know the start up but the loco is bugged,the engine stays 200 rpm and the sanding animation keeps playing outside,the Iberian one works fine so i know the startup,it's the installing of the loco itself that's bugged,is there any other rwp or requirement for it to work properly?

    • I simply downloaded and installed the locomotive back then. And I only have the European version. No idea why it doesn't work for you.




      Otherwise ask the thread if someone can help you with your problem!

    • thank you!

  • Funktioniert dieser auch mit der Liberian Version? Klang von Video her ist echt gut!