TSW Repaint GE AC4400CW KCS liveries


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  • Hey Tep are you done making then Union Pacific repaint

  • Hey Tep Can you make a Union Pacific Repaint for the ac4400cws for Tsw please

    • Will try to make it in TSW2. There will be livery editor, will test it.

    • Can you please also try to make one make it for TSW

    • I don't think it will be difficult to convert texture files from TSW2 into TSW. So, also will do it.

    • OK Thanks

  • I can't get the letters to show up

    • Don't really understand. You mean the KSC logo doesn't shown?

    • yes

    • how can i get the KCS logo to show

    • It's strange bug. I don't really know why it's missed. The mod files should be checked for understanding something, but for this you need to unpack .pak files. You can't do it without special software