​TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface

  • ​TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface

    Note, this program is not compatible with any other scripts or programme
    Uploaded with permission from Cobra One

    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.2.0 released

    (Advanced Mode Only)
    1. Added another warning to the overlay that will display a message advising you that you are approaching a reduced speed limit if your current speed is 2 mph or 3.2 kph above the reduced limit and you are within 1km or 0.6 miles of the limit. An audible warning will sound too but will only sound for 2 seconds. The message will stay displayed until you reduce your speed to less than 2 mph or 3.2 kph above the new speed limit. This warning can be turned on or off in ‘Settings\Overlay\Main\Warnings\Approaching Speed Limit’. This has been added to help where some routes have speed restrictions without warning signs.

    To enable this warning to be sent to the serial port I have added the line ‘Warning=SpeedLimit=SpeedLimit’ to the ControlNames.txt file. If you are updating from an earlier version then you will need to add this line to the end of your ControlNames.txt file located in your Settings folder.
    The data sent will be SpeedLimit:SpeedLimit:60 the 60 being whatever the next speed limit is.
    data[0] = “SpeedLimit”,
    data[1] = "SpeedLimit",
    data[2] = 60

    (Both Modes)
    1. When editing a button map I have added another menu option to the menu that appears when you right click on a row. It’s called “Copy Command” and will allow you to make a copy of the selected command. This is to allow users who want to use two buttons to turn something on and off such as the wipers with ‘V’ and Ctrl+V’.
    You create the first command and assign it the ‘V’ key, then make a copy of it and just change the keys to Ctrl+V. This applies to any commands such as increasing/decreasing headlight or wiper speed etc

    As usual, all existing users simply extract the files in the download to you current folder overwriting all existing files.

    Allows the use of one or more Raildriver, Joysticks/controllers, and home made interfaces. Works with all models released so far.

    Additional Information

    Cobra One uploaded by Holzroller with permission
    Required Payware
    Required Freeware



Comments 12

  • Danke für das schöne Programm!

  • Geniales Tool. Vielen Dank dafür.

  • Ich bekomme das Programm irgendwie nicht zum laufen. Ich habe noch kein Gerät angeschlossen und das Programm startet an sich einfach nicht. Kann mir jemand helfen ?

    • Habe Win. 10, 64 Bit.

    • At the moment this doesn't work with 64 bit TS, the dll has changed. Cobra One is on holiday for two weeks, he will find a solution on his return. I am told Macroworks does not work with the new TS either, for the same reason.

    • Es war auch schon vor dem Update so. Das Programm startet an sich nicht Mal, das hat ja noch nichts mit dem TS zu tun.

    • The program does not start unless it detects a suitable device, but it will not work anyway at the moment due to the update to TS. A solution will be found. If you need help once it has been found, please use the forum thread.

  • Voller Vorfreude. Endlich auch Saitek-Seitenpanel mit einbeziehen, und jede Lok individuell konfigurierbar.
    Aber leider will diese Version nicht wie ich es will. (Vorversion.. schon Jährchen her klappte ohne Probleme).

    Problem : Es werden zwar die Achsen des Raildriver erkannt. Nicht aber die Knöpfe. Dito bei Seitenpanel.
    Alles mögliche versucht. Keine Chance. Danach wieder Macroworks Variante installiert. SCHADE :/

    Weiß jemand Rat ? Frameworks, Direkt-X, Hardwarefehler, Reste von Macroworks sind auszuschließen.
    Eine versuchte Neuzuordnung wurde ebenso ignoriert wie vorgebene Belegungen. Win 10, 64Bit.

    • Are you running the program as an administrator? Some people have to do this. I have had to re-install windows and have not yet used this version. Please post here http://rail-sim.de/forum/index…ick-Interface-discussion/ as it is more suitable for a discussion and help.

    • @ScaleWorker I now have it installed. I am Using a Thrustmaster Hotas X and a Raildriver. I have no problems mapping the buttons, or levers.

  • Könnte das bitte mal jemand übersetzen? Es gibt Menschen hier,die leider kein Englisch können.

    • It has been requested before and was done for the first version. But nobody has volunteered for the newer versions. I am told it is a difficult translation