TS 2012 Orient Express modern on seebergbahn


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  • It's a nice, quite special scenario, but unfortunately it seems it's simply impossible to keep the timetable and show the scenario as "Completed". Even when I drive like a beast, always start with 100% power and stopping in a way people would fly through the cars, I arrive at the "Seeberg track" at about 15:43 and then even get the message that I should wait here until I get the confirmation (which btw even 5 minutes later does not appear), but I should have arrived at 15:44 at Seeberg... Is this scenario for the workshop version of the Seebergbahn? (A while after Echten the DF5 becomes slower and slower even with 100% power, because of the steepness).
    Besides from this problem it's a nice idea to drive the orient express to the seeberg :) I just marked the scenario as completed for me in the SDBCache :D
    This locomotive also gives me a quite special, beautiful view to the lake, because the windows are on the side. I never saw that before on the TS so far ^^

  • Der Link um die DF5 1884 herunter zu laden funktioniert nicht.