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    Er det faktisk så svært at forstå, at for visse mennesker er billeder og videoer nok til at bedømme en rute? Det sidste lades spil, jeg nævnte, viste mig alt, hvad jeg ville se.

    you cant judge a route from pictures and videos. Your ask for a better route. But why should we take that serious when people not even give the time to try the route. Those users cant demand anything and say something because the havent tried it. Very simple.

    Another thing
    Is there a person who have tried to combined two routes like Hannover - Lubeck?

    SPOT ON!!!!!!! Finally a person that took care and time to give some construction critics. both positive and negative critics. Other in this could learn something from him. On this forum many people says its bad and that. What can we used for and how can we change it if the users not even can tell us what it is specific. If people want a more realistic route then people need to give us something to work with. If not is it hard to change things. Therefor is Fizzbin a very good example how it should be. Fizzbin thank you for your time and honest epinion.

    Jeg siger nej til kortet, fordi:

    • Ikke interesseret i danske ruter
    • Intet ønske om at købe dansk rullende materiel, fordi der efter min mening ikke er nogen brugbar ---> og ingen interesse
    • Jeg kan ikke lide rutenes layout
    • Det er for risikabelt for mig at installere et så stort kort, fordi jeg har en fornemmelse af, at min TS alligevel ikke vil
    • Ingen kurvehøjde, hvilket er et kriterium for mig at IKKE købe en rute

    Jeg tror, det er nok for nu, det er min mening, det er nøjagtigt, hvordan jeg accepterer og respekterer din mening.
    Hvis du har det sjovt på banen, så behandler jeg dig det og ønsker dig meget sjov.
    Ikke alle er så omhyggelige som jeg, men jeg vil hellere spare plads til at installere ruter i høj kvalitet. ;)

    Danish materiale is free. IC3. MY. MZ. This is a freeware route remember this. But people are welcome to donate an amount so we can use more time on it. Other upgrade is it required to have other payware to use it. This route is almost download. install and play. no surprises and no need to buy something.

    Die Vegetation aus dem Trailer ist Kuju. Nein, ich habe die Strecke nicht heruntergeladen. Meine Ansichten stammen aus Videos der Strecke. Die von mir oben genannten Strecken sind ebenso Freeware und deutlich schöner anzuschauen. Dass die Strecke bebaut ist weiß ich, das ist auch das mindeste (wenn auch bei der Größe der Strecke trotzdem nicht selbstverständlich), es kommt darauf an WIE sie bebaut ist.

    Dont make a judgement when you not even had tried it. You have perhabs watch 2-5 % of the route. When you have download it and tried it. Then i will listening to you. Some places is there kuju vegation and so it. We have instead many special objects. Companies and much more. See for yourself but critics i will not listing on from videos of our route. Thing could be changed after the videos was made.


    Vi har givet GBE mere end nok chancer. Vi er blevet skuffede eller fornærmet af dem for ofte. Derfor vil GBE aldrig kunne opnå status som vR, TSG, RT, RWA, 3DZug eller RSSLO,

    You never know:)

    There is old GBE members and new members. New ideas and other eyes to look at it. Let the future decided instead always the past. There is a lot of current projects in GBE but i cant also understand why other GBE dont show off them here. It´s almost like some hate againts GBE. I dont want a discussion about the past but current and future projects. These things i will post from example marschbahn i in this forum and hear people´s epinion on a constructive way and not just say its bad.

    i agree with you Interling. I dont blame the customer in that way but sadly is it the impression i get. As i wrote earlier is constructive critics better than just say its bad. I know there is a hard market in Germany. I just also trying to tell how many options Germans has where a country like Italy dont have some many options again. Someone is taking it for granted. Thats my point.

    Pascal i give you right. But some people is hanging In the past sadly. We are not perfect but other Companies is not also. We are only human. For critics people that say we dont listen is not true. We have listen to people om this Train and made a Update. Now we expand and change on marschbahn also. Because we have listen to your guys. Things takes time also. We happened In the past i cannot speak about because i dont know the story and not important for current and new projects. Let the products speak for them self instead.

    Anscheinend gibt es genug Abnehmer für die Produkte das es sich lohnt für GBE.
    Klar ist das Fahrverhalten das wichtigste aber wenn der Sound und die Optik nicht stimmt, dann braucht man das Modell mMn. nicht, es gibt ja nicht umsonst Außenansichten...

    Thats is what im trying to tell. We listen to people and example made an Update. Its totally fair with critic.

    Tja, GBE ist das egal was die Kunden wollen. Den ist Quantität wichtiger als die Qualität und solange es leider noch Abnehmer gibt, die ihren Schrott abkaufen, so lange werden die daran nichts ändern.
    Warum viel Aufwand erbringen, wenn es Leute gibt die den Müll trotzdem kaufen. So kann Rolf wenigstens länger auf seinem Boot herum fahren ohne das er groß Arbeit in ein Produkt investieren muss und sich trotzdem die Taschen voll hauen kann und darüber lachen.

    what had happen In the past i dont know anything about. But we expand and add on example marschbahn. I am now building on marschbahn also. But dont let the past of gbe make a judgement current or future projects. Maybe you be surprised. New people new eyes.

    Happy Christmas.

    Immer wieder geil, wenn Payware-Anbieter sagen: "Mach es selbst / mach es besser" :thumbup:

    Ich habe den Zug nicht und er interessiert mich auch nicht. Deswegen bewerte ich ihn nicht. Das sollte Kollege Pascal auch tun, wo er doch schreibt, dass er selbst den Zug gar nicht besitzt, aber ihn in den Himmel lobt. :whistling:

    About building it by your self is actually so you can see how much time it takes. Look at the new images on gbe website of it after the update. Sounds. cabview IS from the real Øresundstrain. I have not build it but helped with it. I have collect it materials. sounds. Sounds is 110% from the real one because i have raw files and videos from the traindriver that runs it almost everyday. Danes and Swedish think its fine because we dont have plenty options with materials and that stuff.

    Natürlich ist es schwer so einen Zug zu bauen und die meisten würden es auch nicht hinbekommen, allerdings frage ich mich bei solchen Aussagen immer, seit wann ist es bitte die Aufgabe der Nutzer, etwas besser zu machen als der Hersteller, welcher dafür Geld verlangt? Ich mein wenn z.B. Märklin ein modell rausbringt, welches einfach nur Müll ist und das in einer Rezension rauskommt, kommt Märklin doch auch nicht mit "MaChTs DoCh SeLbEr BeSsEr"


    Yes my point is there is new people in GBE and changes. Its easy to say GBE is shit. Some of us is new and people have already make a judge from oldere things. But look forward. We listen also to people and made an update with more sounds and other stuff people requested.

    Pascal is not a GBE member but glad for positive comments. What about Dovetail Games is it also shit? i can see many upgrades for there routes. How many have written to them and then listen to you.

    We are not perfect and something could be better off course also with 3dzug and other. Because people want more and more. But somethings is hard to make or not possible or the person have not those skills. But motivate people instead demotivate. I have also written earlier for marschbahn. As more info you can give me, This better will the result be. But there are limits for everything.

    When i talk about spoiled child is it because if you look at other countries and their TS community. Many of them is no longere in use because it always is USA. UK. Germany. Alps and China. We need more varity

    Good evening

    Be grateful that people with 3D skills make these things. You are welcome to try for your self. I got the impression that german TS people never get satisfied beside you have plenty of options with trains and routes. Other country have almost nothing. Its so easy to complain. TS will never be like a Real Train. Plus there is difference from 3d builders style and much more. I just get that feeling like a spoiled child never get satisfied.

    Yes. Very weird on my pc polishaddons workd but on my partner it does not. Im taking polishaddons out the package and pack a new. The files from kuju is because they are the files from us and EU assets pack that is required. There will be a new pack this evening.