Sanyo Shinkansen updated and reworked route version for TS2016

  • Hello everybody :) ,

    Recently, I have found on YouTube the following video of fantastic Japaneese high-speed route Sanyo Shinkansen reworked and updated for Train Simulator 2016 and with authentic cabin of EMU JR300 :

    As you can see, this is completely reworked and upgraded version when you compare with old version 1.1. (replaced buildings, different standard living housings on suburbs, replaced tracks...) and there is also great cabin of EMU JR 300.

    Please can you kindly help to advise working download link or if anybody of you has exactly this new version installed in his PC with this cabin of JR300 ?

    ...the link advised under this YouTube video directs here to, but not working anymore :( :…89-Shin-Osaka-to-Okayama/

    ...and just to clarifie, I do NOT mean the old version of this route Sanyo Shinkasen v 1.1. build in 2010 for Railworks 2. This old version I know and it is still downloadable here at :…nyo-Shinkansen-1-4-v-1-1/ . I am searching for the new one exactly according shared YouTube link.

    Thank you very much for your support and each feedback is very appreciated !