Translation help for manuals to a new scenario type.

    • Translation help for manuals to a new scenario type.

      Hi there. I am working on a new type of scenario. I know that is saying a lot but i really am thinking outside the box. However all scenarios are German routes and each scenario has a little manual with things to pay attention to. I would love to have a German version of these small manuals, and while i understand German pretty good my grammar is terrible when i speak/write it. Would any of you be interrested in doing a bit of translation work? It wont take you long.
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    • I will explain about the new scenario type soon.
      Btw you can answer me in German, i understand it pretty good, it’s just that writing in German would be a great injustice to your language haha.

      Imagine a standard/carreer scenario that CHANGES everytime you play it! But with the choices of a quick drive.

      In short, it is a scenario type where you are in quick drive mode but you will have red lights on your way. And everytime you play the scenario the red aspects will be in different points on the route. Sometimes there will be many, sometimes there will be few, but you will never know where thry are. Just like a real traindriver never really knows when he will have to stop at a red light. So it is a scenario that is different every time you play it!

      I just finished the Garmisch München drive and it has 256 possible permutations. There is AI traffic in BOTH directions. So you will have AI traffic on the other tracks (that is not new, some quick drives have a bit of traffic) and there is AI traffic in front of you and that is the new thing. Just like in real life you will have to wait untill the line ahead of you is clear before you have a green aspect.

      So imagine a standard scenario BUT with the twist that it CHANGES EVERYTIME you play it, combined with the freedom to choose your favorite train, season, weather and time of day and you will have an idea what i am making.

      They will be called REAL DRIVES. (Random Everchanging Active Line Drives)

      Currently these are the ones i have made:

      München Rosenheim
      Rosenheim München
      Lübeck Hamburg
      München Garmisch
      Garmisch München
      Kufstein Brenner via Innsbruck
      Kufstein Brenner (Innsbruck bypassed)
      Brenner Kufstein
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    • Why have i made them: Because quick drives are too easy (green light all the way) and standard/carreer are static and only challenging once. Real Drives are endlessly challenging because the evolve and makes the railway feel organic and alive.

      I am working to get them hosted. They will be available at no cost! I made them because this is what i hoped TS was when i started playing it (which was 3 months ago) and i will share them with the world in the hope that people will find unpredictable scenarios just as much fun as i do.
      Ich bin die Musikant mit Taschenrechner der Hand.