Replacement Sound RSC Class 08 und NS600


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  • Although it's a nice pack. The Class 08's have a very different motor sound, possibly a different exhaust system. I used to drive them regularly in the 80's and 90's.

    • The sound is original from a Dutch Class 08 (NS600)!

    • There were a few differences between the NS Serie 600 and the BR class 08, and it seems sound is one of them.

      is how I remember them.

    • In diesen NS-Versionen hatte 15 Locs ein 4-cilinder 2-tact Stork-Thomassen dieselmotor mit leistung 400 pk.

    • All of the British class 08 had English Electric Engines, there were other similar classes with Mirlees, and some other manufacturers engines that were not successful, but no British locos had Stork engines. Maintenance can also affect the sound of the locos as well.