MAV 424 309

  • TS 2012

GavbalHUN -

MAV 424-309 ver. 0.9.1
In this version:
Missing texture flag fixed when graphical detail settings are low.

MSTS to RailWorks version (BAKTER made very new model)

For use with RailWorks

Source MSTS 3D Model and Textures by Németh Csaba a.k.a. BAKTER

3D model and texture adapted for Rail Simulator by Vlado Akmacic

3D model adapted using 3D Canvas Pro v7


Use the RailWorks Package Manager to install this loco to your computer. This model aliases parts of the RailWorks default locos and drivers and therefore assumes a standard RailWorks installation. After installation, you will have a folder in your Assets folder called RSvlado.

To make the locos available you will need to be in a scenario. Click on the globe icon at the bottom of the screen, then the orange loco icon at the top left (confirm yes to enter editing mode). From the menu on the middle of the left hand side, click the blue cube. Then, from the menu on the right hand side of the screen click the box and choose RSvlado from the drop down list. Click in the box next to Addon. Now, when you go to the menu on the left hand side and choose from the list of locos, you should see MAV 424-309 (msts) and MAV 424-309 Tender (msts).

I have aliased The fireman, driver, sounds, cab, light teksture from the RailWorks items and many thanks to them for allowing us to use them with freeware models. The model has working headlights. Press H to get headlights on, Shift H to turn them off.


Firstly, major thanks to Németh Csaba (a.k.a. BAKTER), who gave me permit to use his 3D MSTS model. Also, many thanks to Kevin Martin (a.k.a. kevmt), who showed me how to solve some problems, without which it would not have been possible to make this model available to you to enjoy. This model would not have happened without their help. Also, many thanks to Kevin Martin and Richard Scott for great tutorial and to others from many sites and forums, who shared their knowledge and ideas. And especially thanks to Richard at 3D Canvas, who provides constant support and updates to this wonderful 3D package. And thanks to Adam and Derek, for providing a direct link to the source of RW and for being prepared to share their knowledge and models with us.

The loco is free for distribution, but the authors' names must remain unchanged.

P.S. This terms of use are based on the text of Richard Scott. I don't speak english. This is the easier way ;)

Note: Anyone can freely make this model available on their websites and offer it for download. You don't need to ask permission from me. Only condition is to notify me of the location of the download (e-mail at It is for my personal records and statistics. Also you need to follow the rules that are written in the attached file.
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    Ja die Lok ist cool. Leider kann ich sie nicht fahren, da ein Kopplungsproblem zischen Lok und Tender besteht.

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    Danke für die sehr gelunge Lok.

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