Just Trains S7+1/S8 Advanced Soundupdate

  • TS 2019 64x

linusf -

This Soundpack offer new sounds inside the Train Simualtor for the London Underground S Stock. You will hear new traction, rolling, junction and flange sounds. Inside and Outside.

You can see a preview Video here

1. Install the S7+1/S8 Advanced
2. In the downloaded file, you will find a *.rwp file which needs to be installed with Utilities.exe found in the Train Simulator main directory (steam/steamapps/common/railworks)
3. Have fun

    kannst du vielleicht auch ein Soundupdate für das neue S7+1 Stock pack machen, weil
    die S8 sounds auf dem S7+1 pack nicht funktionieren

    • linusf -

      ist gemacht

    • GABRIEL -


  • nuno -

    Great Sound pack Linus well done mate the original are a disaster "thumbs up" to you man

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