TGV & Thalys Pack V3.07

  • TS 2019 64x
  • Repaint

Elena -

V2.73 has a little change where people had a bug of a missing map.

V2.74 Has fixed the Missing map.

V3.07 New Preloads + Repaints, PBA Lines are smoother.

Best Regards Elena.
  • Peter749 -

    Thank you for these repaints.
    Would it be possible to repaint the Duplex Power Cars to match the PBA sets for the PBKA service?


    • Elena -

      Hi Peter i have recentmy brought up that topic again. And i am willing to make an PBKA version, untill now i am still working on it.

    • Peter749 -

      Thanks Elena :)

    • Elena -

      You‘re welcome Peter i‘ll plan an Beta Test Date for this PBKA Trainsets. I‘ll give more info soon.

  • Mothertrucker19 -

    There aren't any files to download.

    • Elena -

      Dear @Mothertrucker19 , this was because of an bugsystem in the download by it's own where a file did got deleted. Now you can download it again.

    • Mothertrucker19 -

      Thank you. Just downloaded it and it's really awesome!

  • Lokomotion189 -

    Thank you very muchhhhh ^^

    • Elena -

      No problem! <3

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