Class 378 Capitalstar Soundpack

  • TS 2019 64x

linusf -

This soundpack will make the sound on the Class 378 by DTG more realistic aswell as enhance the braking and accellerating physics. Included is a scenario for the North London Line.

A preview is here.

You need to enable EFX in the Settings > Audio, otherwise this Soundpack is utterly pointless and will not sound good.

1. Install the Class 378 DLC via Steam
2. Install the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 375/377 Soundpack
3. In the downloaded file, you will find a *.rwp file which needs to be installed with Utilities.exe found in the Train Simulator main directory (steam/steamapps/common/railworks).

Please note these other things
- When you install this, the Southern Class 377 will also get new ‘Joint’ (sound when driving over railway joints) and ‘Flange’ (sounds when driving into a curve) sounds
- The passenger view does not feature a cab occlusion meaning that it will sound like being outside when in passenger view
  • nuno -

    Thanks Linus this is pretty similar to the real sound's appreciated your work :)

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