RSSLO SemmeringBahn and TauernBahn patch

  • TS 2017

ES64F4 -

RSSLO SemmeringBahn and TauernBahn patch
After fixing Koblenz-Trier (Koblenz-Trier patch v3.1) and all the DTG/RSC (DTG/RSC German route patch for 3D trees, platforms and sky), I decide to fix my two RSSLO routes. The patch focuses on SemmeringBahn and TauernBahn. Due to the way RSSLO build routes, IT WILL IMPACT other RSSLO routes. Please install RSSLO Mittenwald, Ennstalbahn, Südbahn Bruck an der Mur - Graz - Maribor and Tirol Austria Brennerbahn-Unterinntalbahn patch to fix the other RSSLO routes. The two patchs work togather.

What does the patch do?
  • Changes the TimeOfDay to have the nicer Kuju clouds
  • Changes the tracks to DB tracks
  • Changes color saturation for some plants and uses my Koblenz-Trier improved grass.
  • Changes some terrains
  • Changes some procedural textures (v 1.1)
  • Works for the following routes:
    • RSSLO SemmeringBahn
    • RSSLO TauernBahn

  • First, make a backup of the Assets\RSSLO_Routes folder
  • Unpack the 7z files
  • Use utilities to install the rwp or unpack the rwp and past it in your game folder
  • Overwrite older files

Restore a backup of the routes Assets and Content

In some locations, grass goes a bit over the track

Bugs fix
Version 1.1b fix the winter.bin which was corrupted.
    • ES64F4 -

      Oups, I haven't seen your question. They should work booth together. If each one change the same thing, the last installed will take over.

    • TS2600 -

      Does't matter, I have already installed your patch and it works, so no problem!

  • jpvdveer -

    Vielen Dank! Eine Frage: braucht man auch die früheren "no more flashy vegetation" Upgrades noch oder sind die hier schon dabei?

    • ES64F4 -

      It works fine. No more flashy vegetation patch things that the new patch did not fix. BUT, it also containt older texture that have been revisited.

      Install order is :
      1/ no more flashy vegetation.
      2/ this patch.

      RSSLO *3D* grass is a nightmare. The color did not look the same from a site or an other. The only solution to fix it, is to find the .bin file used for the 3D grass and replace the file which targets a 2D grass. I did not plan to work on other RSSLO route. I even uninstall the Karwendelbahn.

  • jibeh -

    Great job !

  • SÜWEX -

    It would be great, if you will fixing the Brennerbahn :D

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