Roadmap zum TSW 2

  • Sieht mit viel Fantasie nach der VRR Lackierung aus, dafür ist das Grün aber zu dunkel und die Front immer noch rot. Ist also wahrscheinlich etwas fiktives, andere so ähnlich aussehende Werbe - 422er fallen mir sonst nicht ein, außer der mit der Bundeswehr, das passt aber auch nicht zum Bild.

    Edited once, last by Steve: überflüssiges Zitat entfernt ().

  • Ihr interpretiert da schon wieder zu viel rein. Das ist einfach ein, durch das blöd fallende Licht und falsche Videobearbeitung, ins grün driftendes Rot, das ja eh nie so ganz rot war.

  • Änderungen zur letzten Roadmap:


    ▲ [Update] Arosalinie timetable update

    ▲ [Livery] ACS-64 Amtrak 50th Anniversary Livery

    ▲ [Gameplay Add-On] DBB-L3 03 RhB Anniversary Collection - Developed by Rivet Games


    ▲ [Ongoing] Add Crossing Gates to Preserved Collection

    ▲ [Ongoing] Add Platform Departure Boards to Preserved Collection

    ▲ [Ongoing] Add new skybox to Preserved Collection

    ▲ [Ongoing] Add road traffic to Preserved Collection

    ▲ [Route Add-On] DBB-R7 08 Tharandter Rampe: Dresden - Chemnitz with DB BR 612 and DB BR 143

    ★ [Improvement] East Coastway Improved Skies, Improved Track Rendering, Level Crossings Upgrade

    ★ [Improvement] Great Western Express Preservation Crew Feature Upgrades

    ★ [Improvement] Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr Preservation Crew Feature Upgrades

    ★ [Improvement] Long Island Railroad Grade Crossing Upgrade

    ★ [Improvement] Rhein-Ruhr Osten Preservation Crew Feature Upgrades

    ★ [Improvement] Northern Trans-Pennine preservation update

    ★ [Mastery] Ruhr-Sieg Nord Dovetail Live Mastery

    ★ [Improvement] Sand Patch Grade Grade Crossing Upgrade

    ★ [Improvement] Schnellfahrstrecke Koln Platform Information Systems

    ★ [Improvement] Tees Valley Line Preservation Crew Feature Upgrades


    ★ [Fix] Cathcart Gameplay Fixes Reports of broken scenarios

    ★ [Fix] Core fix to address recent increase in Red Signal deadlocks

    ★ [Gameplay Add-on] Expansion Pack

    ★ [Mastery] LGV Mediteranee Dovetail Live Mastery

    ★ [Improvement] Rapid Transit On-Train Destination Displays

    ★ [Mastery] Rhein-Ruhr Osten Dovetail Live Mastery

    ★ [Mastery] Tees Valley Line Dovetail Live Mastery

    ★ [Improvement] West Somerset Railway Platform Information Systems

  • The curtain falls for 2021.

    I thought that the Christmas holidays were very long only in Italy (a country completely in disarray<X), but I can see that even in "extra-European" countries such as England, the holidays are quite long.

    Well, we're looking forward to 2022 for TSW.

  • fabrizio520


    We have a new addition to In Planning on the Roadmap, with an expansion pack coming for Train Sim World 2. This expansion will add new content to the original routes of Sand Patch Grade, Bakerloo Line and Schnellfahrstrecke Köln - Aachen. You can look forward to enjoying additional liveries, services, and scenarios for these routes as part of the pack. This pack will also include access to a new tool, the Creators Club, that will allow sharing and downloads of Livery Designer and Scenario Planner creations made by the community.

    So as far as I understand a Gameplay Addon

  • All in all, the idea of expansion packs is not entirely bad.

    In the future, there may be expansion packs of freight wagons or other types of trains on some routes.

    The only thing that is not clear is whether the first expansion pack will be inseparable (SKA, Bakerloo, Sand ...the core of TSW2).

    Even the last subscription was indivisible at the beginning, but then things changed.

    If there are other expansion packs in the future, grouping will be impossible.

    They will necessarily have to be individual.