Spekulationsthread über zukünftige TSW Add-Ons/DLCs

  • Did you even read what he posted? Seriously, he said that its not easy to get sounds from said locos because of the risks that it brings, the lack of time they have to record everything etc..
    So why the hell do you complain and accuse him of being drunk while posting? Its a constructive answer which gives information about why there havent been any Diesels yet. Hes trying to communicate with the community,
    and afaik youre one of the people that regularly complains about the lack of communication from DTG. Quite a double standard if you ask me.

    So, the real question is, do you drink too much wine?

    Mann nennt mich auch Toilettenpapier, weil ich so heiß begehrt und voll mit Scheiße bin.

  • Perhaps I complain a little too often but, by character, I don't believe everything others write. Also to communicate Mr. Matt could return to the origins and publish (occasionally) an Update Studios.
    No, I don't like wine. Anyway thanks for asking.
    You really are a funny guy. ;)

  • Naja, mir wurde gesagt, anno 2018, dass DTG einige Freewareler aus dem TS ins Boot holen wolle, jedoch scheint daraus nix geworden zu sein, da ich, obwohl angebliche Interesse an meinen Werken bestand nie wieder seitens DTG oder dieser Person damals irgendwas zu hören bekam.

    Bin mir sicher dass man da etwas zusammen hätte auf die Beine stellen können, jedoch scheint mir das so, als das man dies nicht mehr wollen würde.

    Also Mitleid und Verständnis gibt es für die Aussage von mir NICHT.



  • Naja, wenn man an der closed-beta teilnimmt muss man ziemlich sicher eh ein NDA unterzeichnen und darf sowieso nicht darüber reden.

    Mann nennt mich auch Toilettenpapier, weil ich so heiß begehrt und voll mit Scheiße bin.

  • This point of MattP. (from the DTG forum about next Class31) is interesting.
    This could be (also) a cause of the release delay of the editor. In practice, not all routes are still optimized to the fullest.
    Obviously it's my speculation.

    "While the 31 is of course a great fit for the North Trans-Pennine route, it wouldn't slot in to many of the existing services at all (you can't sub a pair in for a single for example) and would need a new service layer to be constructed. There wasn't the opportunity to do that for this pack unfortunately. If the opportunity presents to add a 31 layer to the NTP pack then of course it's something that can be looked into.

    There is also something heavy about the memory usage on the NTP route at the moment and until we have that isolated and resolved I'm wary about increasing the load on the route and potentially creating problems for people.

    So - absolutely not saying that it doesn't fit, but that it specifically doesn't fit the specific services that are currently on the route bearing in mind substitution can only sub one vehicle for one vehicle, it can't change the formation. If we can add a new layer in the future, that would enable some interesting possibilities using the existing stock I think, but to be completely clear and transparent - that is not on a plan at the moment."


  • Also immer noch beta, trotz schöner Grafik. Kein Editor in Sicht also für mich ist leider morgen Allerseelentag, dh. im Moment ist der TSW auf meiner Festplatte begraben. Long live TS 2010.

  • DTG will now sell each wagon separately. :P

    Just kidding. My more serious guess but still just speculating is they made plans for the year now and have added all DLC for this year.

    Ein Herz für die Eisenbahn in England