• hello everyone.. do someone know how to program catenary gantries with return wite and contact wire..I mean the program. I have the rwp file but i want to connect them..wait reply from us
    • how to place the gantries i know but i need to program them with the return wire and the contact so i can connect a gantry with the next.. i hope i help you..but there is as software that do this thing but i dont know.. i have the file with the gantries but i want to make them connect with wires such as the reality
    • i have downloaded the gantries from a french site but the need to be connected with wires one for the return and one for the contact...and it needs a 3d studio Max software for this..if anyone knows the steps how to do this. This will help me. Good morning
      See the pictures below i insert and you will understand what i mean.
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    • please post a link to the Catenary package.
      Such packages should have the wires included. There is no need to use a 3d Building tool. Al parts should be ready for mounting.
      Did the Catenary-Objekt have node-Points? the wires have to be mounted from Node to Node.
      A good example you find here:

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    • no its only the hasnt got this you say friend..thats why i need to program them so i can connect from node to node... so what do we do now.. has got everything but a need to comnect amd i cant..
      In the photo these wires are from the game.. but i want connect them..
      Every gantry must.have a return.node fornthe return wire and the accessories must have a node for connecting.each other...
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    • There should be Lofts to connect the nodes of the catenary. You dont need any 3D-Software or an extra software to "build" the wires.

      Heres an example of a german catenary. When you pick the loft there should be a circle. You have to click two of these circles, then you have the wire that you want.

      That's what @StS has described.

      <--- Wire Loft, in my case called : "RLB Re000 Fahrdraht 100mm2" .Your Wire Loft should have a different name.
      mfg RoterStein
    • Wy i ask for the Download-Link for the catenary-Package? i want to see did the objects have connecting nodes.
      My idea is, but it is hopefully not, this is not the Route-builder-package with nodes, the catanary needs no nodes more, when the Catenary is ready buid in the complete Route. So the the objects are simplier and the Data-amount is lower, and the performance is better.
      In this case the catenary-package can not be used in other Routes.
    • would you like to send you the file to help mè? The original file from the site doesnt work cause it has different font.. i have changed the font and in my royte works well.. but this circle is that missed the circle contact and for the return.. every gantry has 2 wires.. tell me or give a mail tou send you the file..

      Do you have the german catenary system to send me cause i search them and i cant find them.

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    • I have them is perfect and i want to use both this both french and italian cause italian havent got so many accessories.....
      Ok what do we do now... can thia package i have from the french site to be work to my route such as your picture?
    • There should be a downloadpage, We want to know where, so wie will download the installation package by ourselves. Go into a browser klick at the browser-information at the top of this page, Right Mouse 'Copy Link' then post this link here.

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    • i dont if it.will work to you cause it has got french font and the utilities will read the french font but in the editor cant see them..i will find the site...
      It has got a vers 2nd but download link it doesnt seem to be available.. i tried to communicate with the author and wait reply

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    • @Akisf1
      You wrote me an PN, Help is not possible if you dont give us hints which package you use! Which package you have downloaded? At are more than one package.
      if you are not able to poste a link from the download, make a screenshot from the Downlodsite, at this here in an answer, or write the Package-name here.
    • if i send you the rwp file can you help me? Yes the site is but the download link is not available.. is there a way to make the connection circle work? Wait reply

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    • Akisf1 wrote:

      is there a way to make the connection circle work?
      The developer can do this, a normal user not. Was the package addes to an Route? then you get the 'only in ready routes working' files, not the 'route-Developer files' with nodes.
      Forget this not useable catenary, search an other one.

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    • Its not from a ready route.. it is just a free rwp file... but i cant connect them.. and the developer doesnt answer... i want the german such as this you sent me... how much it cost to sell them to me or send me via email?