Grüße aus Barcelona

    • Grüße aus Barcelona

      Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone,

      First i have two apologies to make. The first one for all german speaking users my lack of german ( a part from the basic vocabulary) and the second apologie for registering one year ago and writing just now (one year later). Shame on me, in the comments below. *popcorn*

      Now with the presentation...

      My name is Alex , i have been living in Spain for quite long time but i am not from Spain. Born in Belgrade to be precise.
      Huge aviation fan , working in RL Flight Coordinator/Ramp Agent at Barcelona airport. But, due to my good friend who is a "maquinista" (L/T) at the RENFE i was brought to the "dark side" ;) that fueled up my secret passion, the trains.
      DB has been my "fetish" for a long long time, i must admit.
      Also, a huge fan of the Bauraihe 152 and the Twindexx. :P
      Been going back and forth between Barcelona and Frankfurt since early 2017 since i have some relatives living in the Aschaffenburg area,so i stop by there from time to time.
      Favourite routes? Main-Spessart Bahn and the Hanau-Frankfurt line (Nord Main Strecke/Sud Main Strecke).
      Favouirte place of the DB Netz; The Frankfurt area.
      I started with TS around 2013 and never stopped since. I enjoy creating realistic scenarios with RL timetables but our dear friend TEMP DUMP always sets the tone when is not desired *ohman* , or consist clash , or any possible "bug" that editor has, has been my daily routine since playing/creating with the sim.
      Mental breakdown in 3 2 1.... but when it works as intended , ohh boy what a joy! :D
      I like very much your forum, there is quite A LOT of interesting stuff.

      I think i covered everything... i think... *denk*

      Until next time.
      Yours trully,

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