Frage: Signal links.

    • Frage: Signal links.

      I put this in the anfänger forum since it is probably a beginner question.

      If you have a railroad with zwei gleis betrieb, dthe numbers on the signal links make a difference. I noticed that some have a 1 above them while others have a 2.

      I made a sketch, since i want to know in particular if it makes a difference in this situation.
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    • its a good rule for setting the Links:
      Main Link#1, often die Main way stright on, shows HP1, Link #2 for different way with reduced speed over the switch for HP2,
      have a look into the DEMO Routes and the descriptions (with pictures) delivered with the Signalteam packages.

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    • Thanks. I was trying to figure out why the Gotthardbahn between Göschenen and Gurtnellen is giving me such a hard time making real drives for it. And i did find that that sometimes the main line does not have link 1 but 2 and even 3.

      Could that be why the dispatcher is acting strange?
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    • Hi @Kim_olesen1

      Every possible route needs a clear logical and correct signal link. Exactly and at least one. Of course this applies to every direction of travel. (So both directions must be secured in the same way!). Also, as here is a pivoting back to the driving not quite unproblematic. It is better, in order to always get unambiguous results, to obstruct an additional "invisible" signal on the main track (between the pivoting).