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      In response to numerous requests during the last couple of weeks, we are very pleased to announce an update for the the Class 50 Locomotive Pack. This pack now features the unrefurbished variant of the class with its various external detail differences and classic 'hoover' cooling fan sound.

      For new customers, the price of the pack has risen to £24.99 to account for the extra content. For existing customers who purchased this pack before 6th November 2019 and would like to upgrade, you may do so for only £4.99 by simply re-purchasing. This offer to upgrade for a discounted price will expire on 30th November 2019. Please see below for a detailed list of the additions in this upgrade:

      - Unrefurbished variant in BR blue livery with external detail differences and classic 'hoover' cooling fan sound
      - Pre-TOPS and TOPS number variants
      - Option to remove multiple working jumpers
      - Option for central BR logo on bodyside instead of cab-side logos
      - Option to remove 'D' number prefix on pre-TOPS variant
      - Headcode can be set independently on each end of the locomotive via its number in the scenario editor
      - Cab remains as per refurbished examples but with the NRN radio removed
    • From Bossman Games £2.99 bossmangames.co.uk/class-50-1970s-scenario-pack.html

      Grab your master key and prepare yourself for 4 authentic Class 50 scenarios with the Armstrong Powerhouse/Bossman Games Class 50 locomotive.

      These scenarios have authentic AI services, and therefore there are additional DLC items that are required, which are listed below.

      Scenario Details

      1. [BMG50SP2] 1S63 London Euston to Glasgow
      Drive two class 50 locomotives on an Anglo-Scottish express from Preston to Carlisle on a late summer’s afternoon, stopping at Lancaster, Oxenholme, Penrith and Carlisle.

      2. [BMG50SP2] 1M69 Perth to Kensington Olympia - Motorail
      Take D429 & D410 on the final diesel-hauled section of the 1M69 Perth to Kensington Olympia Motorail service between Lancaster and Preston. At Preston, you uncouple from the train and reposition, ready to take another service northbound.

      3. [BMG50SP2] 1Z12 Manchester Piccadilly to Wadsley Bridge
      Drive D414 from Manchester Piccadilly to Wadsley Bridge with a football special. This train was run for the FA Cup Semi-Final between Manchester United and Leeds, played at Hillsborough Stadium

      4. [BMG50SP2] 1Z12 Wadsley Bridge to Manchester Piccadilly
      Drive the return portion of the football special to Wadsley Bridge, heading back to Manchester Piccadilly. This train was run for the FA Cup Semi-Final between Manchester United and Leeds, played at Hillsborough Stadium.

      Thanks go to Richard Fletcher for his help with 1970s timetables, making this scenario pack possible.

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    • Looks like I'll have to revisit the Class 50. Somehow I wasn't really as impressed with it as I was with the 37 or even the 156. I mean when the 37 came out i didn´t drive anything else for weeks! Same with the 156. But the 50 is something different. Don't know why ...

      This doesn't mean it's a bad loco/model! It's very well made and sounds interesting with its gurgling engine and loud motors.
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