JTG BR425 Aufgabenpaket - Issue

    • No, its not new. The Update from last week was the V1.2, sorry for that.
      The E-Mail was just a notification for the last weeks update.

      We will look into adding the version information right in the filename.

      P.S.: I wonder about the downtime, can't see anything like this in our system... And I can't replicate the error by myself. Maybe you have a misconfiguration at your system?
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    • Hi, I can't say, the shop pages worked fine all the time, but My Digital Library was slow and when it finally openend and I clicked on the download it said: Error: Nicht existent. Started working after about an hour or so.

      As for the version, the issue is that the installer still shows version 1.1 when you run it. If you can add the version number to the filename would be even better though.
    • So was running the 3rd scenario again and the same thing happened at the very same place. This time it was with the updated HaKo route to v1.1 and chache was cleared multiple times.

      Unfortunately I was just touching the controls when the game over message popped up and it OK'd the Game Over message so instead of creating a screenshot I again ended up empty-handed...

      There is certainly something wrong with the scenario, will try to run it once again and this time I'll try to do what I can to capture the AI collision info screen.
    • jstange wrote:

      So was running the 3rd scenario again and the same thing happened at the very same place
      Danke für die Info, ich wollte das lange Szenario morgen abend spielen, es ist dann schon ärgerlich wenn bei einem so langen Szenario dann im letzten Drittel eine spielbeendende KI-Kollison kommt, hat mich letzte Woche schon genervt. Wenn das wirklich wieder so ist, sollte der Tester ausgetauscht werden....
    • So the third attempt, same result, this time with a clear screenshot... really disappointing, JTG :(

      The other BR 425 unit is hidden by the message box, it is about 10 meters in front of me, I was approaching it to couple with it in Villingen at the very end of scenario 3. Every time this happens in the same place, but not exactly the same, differences are +- 10-20 meters... game time at the moment of the AI collision was approx. 8:37
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    • Already tested the 4th scenario in the meantime.

      All seems to be OK except that I could not open doors on the first BR425 unit in the stations of Radolfzell, Allensbach and Konstanz-Petershausen (hope I have the spelling right). It however worked OK on the second unit so the tasks correctly registered as completed. Not sure if this is an issue of the scenario or the route or the BR425 though.
    • EN: The update to version 2.1 is available in the shop. We fixed the errors and included a free bonus task.
      DE: Das Update auf Version 2.1 ist in unserem Shop verfügbar. Die Fehler sind behoben. Zusätzlich haben wir eine kostenlose Bonusaufgabe hinzugefügt.

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