Are there any good DB diesel Loks with AFB available for TS.

    • Matze, Tilmann, thanks for good info!

      I did the sound update, then the patching. The Cruise Control (which I wrongly called a Tempomat) works exactly like in my Opel Astra. Just had a very pleasant test ride from Lubeck to Reinfeld (Holst) with perfect sound, better input mapping and the Cruise Control. PZB is now Shift + 8, and Cruise Control is K and Shift K. It also disengages at braking. Originally I bought this trainset to use as KI, but I have a feeling I'm going to drive it myself alot now.
    • Myulu wrote:

      IF DTG scripted the 442(Talent 2) correctly, then it seems like its tempomat can also brake.. *denk*
      No, but this are the few machines, who have a tempomat,that can also be brake. But you can't use it really good for brake. Also with AFB, you don't be brake with it, it is only for reduce 1-5 KM/h from the speed. But AFB can also be brake on LZB, when your Train not weighs to much. Only until 1100t. When you let AFB brake a heavier train, comes to distortion in the wagons hooks. Especially when wagons have brake setting on G. But this Situation did you not have on TS, there can they be only all the same brake settings ;) ...
      LG Tilmann