Replace/change tracks

    • Replace/change tracks

      Does anybody know how to replace tracks and the scenery next to tracks?? I want to improve the tracks and the scenery(near the tracks) of U-Bahn Frankfurt add-on and replace it from Koblenz-Krier(tracks).
      Thanks in advance for help!!!
    • hello,

      you must change the path in the tracks.bin file - example ruhr sieg tracks to Köln - Düsseldorf tracks :

      Exchange of standard tracks to the Cologne-Dusseldorf tracks ...

      <Provider d:type="cDeltaString">Kuju</Provider> Aerosoft
      <Product d:type="cDeltaString">RailSimulator</Product> Koeln-Duesseldorf
      <BlueprintID d:type="cDeltaString">railnetwork\track\sieg_hage_track02.xml</BlueprintID> railnetwork\track\as_gleis_bp.xml

      In RW Tools but the trackrule must necessarily be changed with, otherwise the switch hearts are not formed. Either create your own or as in the example here, use the trackrule to the AS tracks. Exchange as above.

      <Provider d:type="cDeltaString">Kuju</Provider> Aerosoft
      <Product d:type="cDeltaString">RailSimulator</Product> Koeln-Duesseldorf
      <BlueprintID d:type="cDeltaString">railnetwork\trackrules\sieg_hage_main.xml</BlueprintID> railnetwork\trackrules\koeln-duesseldorf1.xml

      If multiple trackrules have been used for a route, then all must be adapted or changed accordingly.

      Scenery objects must also be moved to the Scenery folder and the corresponding tile bin files. ;)

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    • Hello again.When i edit the tracks.xml it shows me only
      <cRecordSet xmlns:d="" d:version="1.0" d:id="913930352">
      <Network-cTrackNetwork d:id="717374296">
      <e d:type="sUInt64">5469169743796011084</e>
      <e d:type="sUInt64">3185060404842315450</e>
      <DevString d:type="cDeltaString">b346804c-64e7-4be6-babe-c922909b332c</DevString>
      <Network-cRibbonContainerUnstreamed d:id="717374392">
      <Network-cTrackRibbon d:id="716687896">
      <_length d:type="sFloat32" d

      I cant find the track rules and the Blueprint set id


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    • hello,

      look at this Path : "Diskdrive Letter": Programs(x86)\Steam\stamapps\common\Railworks\Content\Routes\ef03456e-38f3-4cff-8d1b-db9cb4b4923c\Networks\Tracks.bin

      Open the tracks.bin file with RW Tools and you will find the corresponding entries, you can serz the tracks bin to xml file also and open it with notepad ++.

      In the images above,are the Entries marked ;-)