REAL DRIVES by Kim Olesen

    • @ES64F4

      I am doing it this way for this route: there were only consists for Intercity and Gravel in the Gotthardbahn preload folder. And only 4 different trains all in all.

      But i’ve made over a hundred consists myself during the last months, and i made some new ones with the Re460 lok too. Both DB and ÖBB are driving freight trains on the Gotthardbahn so i could enable a lot of my consists made for German and Austrian routes.

      My home made consists use the following categories
      Nuclear Flask (for single engines)
      Costum 1 (for very long freight trains)
      Costum 5 (for freight wagon only loose consists)
      Costum 6 (for person wagon only loose consists)

      The reason i use that many different categories is that the random algorithm consist picking in TS is not that good. So to make sure you don’t see the same train too many times in a qd you can not only use Coal for freight trains, like RSSLO do. Use more categories and TS gets better at random picking consists.

      For my public version of the Gotthardbahn Real Drives the rwp will add a preload folder with more consists than the 4 Rivet Games delivered.
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    • The third REAL DRIVE for the Gotthardbahn. Faido to Erstfeld. After the Gotthard tunnel i was behind slow traffic. It is very challenging to have many red signals when they are hidden behind sharp curves.

      I haven’t finished making the 4th drive yet. But when it’s finished and has been through beta testing all four drives will be released so everyone can enjoy Gotthard randomness.

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    • The 4th and final REAL DRIVE for the Gotthardbahn. Erstfeld to Faido.

      Probably the hardest Quick Drive scenarios i’ve ever created. The dispatcher was acting extremely crazy. I suspect there are lots of strange signal links on the line between Göschenen and Gurtnellen.

      All four Real Drive scenarios are in the testing phase now and will be released as soon as possible.
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    • REAL DRIVE Villingen Hausach.
      Fantastic signalisation. Didn’t find one single error when programming this quick drive. The “trains move when the player train comes nearer than 2km” limitation of quick drives was a challenge because of the way the route is. I had to que the trains up and send most to the same portal. Something the dispatcher sometimes dislikes. Same limitation also made random traffic in the path of the player train difficult. But it did work with some tweaks. One strange thing that this route has in common with Konstanz Villingen and Münster Bremen: spawn points at 100% does not always spawn a train.

      Currently my Real Drives has become so complex that i am connsidering how to export them. I am going to need to make exportable consists which means adding preloads to peoples routes. Some might not want that?

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    • Hi @mirko_o

      My newer Real Drives have become so complex with extra home made AI preload consists. So some of those will need to be installed for the drives to work on other systems. And i am not sure if people will find it ok if “foreign” preloads are installed on their system.

      So need to come to a decision about that.

      But what would really help is to get peoples oppinion on that.

      (Apart from that i’ve been extremely busy with my bands new album and playing gigs every weekend, so my time in TS have been limited)
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    • @stuch17

      Yes i feel the same. Seeing the same trains appear over and over again is not only boring but also unrealistic. A. So i have bought stuff from both 3dzug and ttb amongst other things. And from that i have made over a hundred preloads. But the thing with preloads is that everyone has different stuff, and i don’t want to put too much payware dependence in there.

      So if i did make some “export” preloads it would be from kuju stuff etc. And then this might not pleaase everybody.
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    • @sgtalbers

      I can’t just do that since my new drives use categories for which there are no preloads included with the routes.

      If i can’t use kuju the only solution for worthy AI traffic would be to make the drives dependent on the 3dzug verkehrspack.

      I’d be ok with doing that, a lot of varied freight trains can be made from that. But it’d still be the same lok.
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    • @Kim_olesen1...well, a PDF file with every type of material you used and i think that aren't problems.
      So TTB material are very famous for example and very good for AI..
      I think that you job will be more success (and more Like) with more really AI traffic...and more satisfaction for you :)
    • My first Italian REAL DRIVE scenario. Asti - Torino

      A Train Simulator REAL DRIVE scenario is an advanced version of a Quick Drive. Real Drive scenarios have random generated red signals as opposed to a Quick Drive where you have green signals all the way. The random programming makes sure that the scenario is never the same twice. In fact this Real Drive have over a thousand different permutations.

      The route is a branch of the SFM Torino route (built be CodaDelTreno). The locomotive is the FS E464 (model built by Worcester George).

      I am driving with the full Italian train protection sequrity system SCMT switched on.

      @Coda di Lupo See, i thnk i got it. The first SCMT happening is at 4:45. And then there is the entrance to Torini Porte Nova which was quite difficult at first but no problems now.
      @Worcester Thanks for the great locomotive. I think i am getting confident driving it now.

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    • New

      Well done Kim.
      You perfectly understood the procedure.
      The problem, in this scenario, is given by the fact that the signal sequence is not correctly captured by the SCMT.
      Actually, in that situation you shouldn't have had the sequence Green Signal => Yellow Signal.
      The sequence should have been:
      Yellow / Green signal (flashing or steady) PRE light on, Red / Yellow or Red / Green signal depending on the situation, pressing the PRE button near the signal.
      You did the right procedures, the problem, this time, is the scenario.
      You are on the right track Kim to be able to become an Italian virtual machinist.
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      @Coda di Lupo

      I actually think it is the signal script thats are behaving strangely on this branch. It is just a quick drive scenario with trains in the path of the player train that are routed to portals 3-6 km from their spawn point. So i am not doing anything That in normal circumstances should make the signals misbehave. However I am making yet a quick drive scenario from Modane to Torino and there is a difference in SCMT behaviour on that line. Between Asti and Torino i have to acknowledge when i pass a speed sign that allows for increase in speed. But on the Modane branch i don’t have to do this. Worcester pointed out to me that the signals on the Asti branch simply sends the wrong codes and it is something to do with the signal script of the route.

      So something is indeed strange but i don’t think it is my quick drive scenario, since this would be the first time i’ve encountered that this type of advanced quick drive should be problematic in regards to signalling. I have made a lot of them but they were all for german/austrian/swiss routes though.

      Anyway i am only just dipping my feet in Italian routes so it should be interesting to see how signalling on routes from other developers behave. I would love to get the Cinque Terre route next. Is it difficult to find all the assets for that route?
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