Neuigkeiten zum Editor für Train Sim World

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    • On Dovetail Forum a discussion had been opened (with a survey) concerning the timing of the release of the editor.
      Naturally the administrators promptly closed this discussion. *perfekt*
      In my opinion DTG would do better to clarify what really wants to do with the editor. *ka*
      DB :thumbsup:

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    • What should the administrators do ? Maybe some people will ask why the editor doesn't get realesed if someone doesn't understand that the survey is just a very bad joke.

      I think they will release it. Not tomorrow Not Sunday but they will release this if it's ready.
    • fabrizio520 wrote:

      It was just a poll, a discussion like any other.I don't see why to delete it. :wacko:
      Because polls about such issues are always a place where the player are getting in trouble with each other. One group is talking about the poll and how useless it is and the other group are saying how much they wanna get the tools. In fact every thing like this will end in problems and the discussion couldn't give us any useful information or release dates. The editor won't be faster avaible if some users are making polls. In fact it only makes problems and helps nobody because it can't and won't change the designs of DTG.

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