CD 380...aber von wem?

  • CD 380...aber von wem?

    Guten Abend miteinander, ich bin vor kurzem auf dieses Video gestoßen indem man die CD 380 sieht bzw ihren Aufrüstvorgang der schon sehr an RSSLO erinnert doch wird weder auf einen Entwickler, ein Forum noch sonst was verwiesen.
    Daher also die Frage, ist irgendetwas zu dieser Lok bzw ihrer Entwicklung bekannt was einfach über mich hinwegegangen ist oder ist das ne Geisterlok die aus dem nix kommt?

    "Der Eisenbahner hat sich mit der für den Eisenbahnbetriebsdienst notwendigen Raschheit, jedoch ohne Überstürzung und ohne übertriebene Hast zu bewegen."

    vermutlich aus der Reichsbahnvorschrift von 1920

  • @steamtrain25 Danke dir, hab dadurch seine Facebookseite gefunden wo man noch weitere Projekte sieht. Er selbst meinte leider es wird keine DB Repaint kommen.
    "Der Eisenbahner hat sich mit der für den Eisenbahnbetriebsdienst notwendigen Raschheit, jedoch ohne Überstürzung und ohne übertriebene Hast zu bewegen."

    vermutlich aus der Reichsbahnvorschrift von 1920

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  • Hi!
    Czech class 380 is work of my friend and me. We are working on it more than 2 years for now, and yes, i can say that we are working also on other country "localisations".
    One of them is of course PZB (and because we want to ride 200km/h, also LZB!). These have some basics done yet. But it is really not finished.
    But i am not sure about some details of behaving on PZB.
    Unfortunatelly Skoda made their "own" version of SW layer for LZB, thus it is not behaving as other German locoes.
    For LZB i have quite detailed documentation, but almost nothing for PZB.
    Except of some basic "you have to press this on this signal", "befehl is used when passing stop signal with permission from FDL", etc...
    I found very exciting and usefull websites (, but even there is not everything about PZB.
    I only know about Skoda`s PZB, that it should be PZB90 SW version 2.1 based on / or directly from Siemens.
    F. e. i wasn`t able to find anywhere, if PZB does control speed "right at the moment", or only on end of brake curve (after time, or distance countdown). This is for me really important thing.
    And i have much more questions about it.
    I will really appreciate, if here is anybody who can f.e. record some videos of PZB really does, or at least test it in sim and send some feedback.

    Thanks in advance!

    And here are some teasers of "latest" progress, it ought to be mentioned, that this is not latest version of 380. It is almost month old. And I with a lot of coffee can do a lot of coding stuff during one month xD

    And here our forum thread:

    And of course our FB page:

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  • Hi there!
    So i come with some news from developing 380!
    We are working on it every day and night, so everybody can drive it as soon as only possible.
    But it is there still lot of work to do on it.
    In last month many things were made, mostly about safety systems.
    I repaired sounds in German beeinflussungs, added "Befehl40" programm to LZB, so you can drive against red signal on LZB (which was quite big problem, because we did not want to make whole engine room, where LZB störschalter is), completely reworked lights on PZB, restrictive modus, repaired also some minor bugs around 500Hz magnets (like confirming, passing them after befreiung, etc...).
    I also added speed controling on PZB (before it just applied emergency brake and you were not able to free yourself before stopping), now there is optical signalization with blinking G light, and emergency brakes are canceled immediatelly after speed is lower than limit.
    Some things about current systems were added. You can now choose from 3kV= / 15kV~ / 25kV~ directly at start of simulation by using loco ID prefixes. Or of course than by using triggers.
    Support for basic controlling from vR steuerwagens were added (thanks to Maik for his help! :thumbup: ) .
    Two additionals zugarts were added to LZB, so LZB now calculates three different brake curves for 0.25, 0.4 and 0.5m/ss based on PZB zugart (U, M, O - in fact, this should be based on input data to PZB, but unfortunatelly we can not simulat this :/ ).
    Whole speed controlling system was completely reworked, so now it does not oscillate around target tractive effort value. And also it uses more pneumatic brake then before.
    AI lights and pantoes were repaired.
    LZB End procedure was added.
    Whole PKP regime with SHP was succesfully added to MIREL.
    Also triggers for controlling current system were added and also support for existing ones was (only these, which i know about. So RailSimRomania`s and vR`s).
    And more and more smaller things and bugfixes.

    And now what still remains to do...
    I want to do Hungarian version of MIREL too, but i do not know, how it works at all, or even if Hungarians do have any scripted signals, which i could use. (so please, if someone knows, do not be afraid to contact me, here or anywhere else 8) )
    I also have lot to do with brakes. Actually 380 uses automaticly dynamic brakes, when driver lowers pressure in main pipe, but also it blocks pressure going to brake cyllinder on loco. So it is not as easy, as it could look. *nixda*
    Then lot of common bugs in throttle and circuit breaker controlling.
    Unresolved problems in sounds, which are not playing as they should and more and more.
    It is really lot of what to do.

    But to have something to look forward to, there is little video from ride from Wittenberg to Radis.
    Actually it had to present Befehl40 programm on LZB, but i am not able to play, or even record TS on my crap PC, so i asked my friend (who is the author of sounds and 3D model btw.) to record it and he didn`t get my instructions as I expected, so it is only a common ride on LZB in Deutschland :D :D :D

  • I know about one, which is being built. And he even uses hungarian signals. But i do not know from where, nor if they have script which sends speed pakets :( .
    Btw. the route is Budapest - Štúrovo, where are 380 operating in real, so this is the main reason why i want to make Hungarian version of MIREL :D .
  • @JachyHm
    This developer provides the Hungarian EVM-System in his loco (ES64U2) which should work with Hungarian signals (I have never tested it because I don't know any Hungarian route for Train Simulator as well). Maybe ask him with which signal system the loco is exactly compatible/working with.
    Then, you can adapt your MIREL to this system for "full" compatibility.
    Meine Website und meine Szenarien (einfach anklicken)
  • I have his models, but i am worrying, that MIREL in Hungarian specification behaves sligtly (or maybe rather completely) different :/…%20na%20obsluhu%20v03.pdf
    Here you can see German manual for MIREL. "Einstellen der Arbeitsarten nach Spezifikation MÁV " is what we want.
    I do not know German on so high level i could understand this, but in Czech (respectively Slovak, but that doesn`t matter, as these two languages are almost same) description of Hungarian MIREL is really very, but very bad.
    And i have no illusions about German manual is smth different, than just machine translated Slovak manual, so...
    The only one, where it could be something understandable is Hungarian version of manual, but that is for me like Chinese... I do not understand any single word :D…%20na%20obsluhu%20v03.pdf
    But it seems to me, that it is still same as in Deutsch or Slovak, as it is same length... X(