Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul - jetzt erhältlich!

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    • TSW update. :)
      Thank you all once again for your continued feedback following the release of Train Sim World: Rapid Transit. Your input has helped us identify and address a number of issues, which we have outlined below.

      • TSW: CSX: Heavy Haul, Great Western Express and Rapid Transit localised into Simplified Chinese

      • Fixed the "toggle" function associated with being able to couple/uncouple.
      • Updated tunnel darkness calculations to improve visuals.
      • Removed "Polish (214)" keyboard binds from default configuration that was causing conflicts.
      • Disabled collisions on platform edges that were causing issues with player and character movement.
      • Fixed Service Mode objectives to only become active when the service starts.
      Rapid Transit

      • Fixed a Zs 3 speed sign that was not correctly displaying.
      • Adding “out of bounds” volumes to the northern and southern ends of the route.
      • Fixed reported localisation bugs.
      • Improved player collision at Greppin station.
      • Improved player collision at Raghun station.
      • Fixed reported holes and removed protruding grass from various stations.
      • Improved some problematic AI spawn points at stations.
      • Fixed gap in 160kmh line speed north of Leipzig Messe in both directions.
      BR442 Talent2

      • Added collision to the extending steps when passenger doors open.
      • Improved collision for AI characters moving around the train.
      • Improved Talent2 headlight setup to show correct arrangement depending on startingstate.
      • Improved Headlightcontrol functionality.
      • Fixed the icon displayingthe state of the Parking Brake.
      Class 166 DMU

      • Fixed Class166 Headlight Day/Night lights.
      • Fixed inability to activate AWS on the Class 166.
      • Fixed missing thumbnail image for Class 166 in the Player Profile.
      This update is around 440 MB in size and will download automatically from Steam. If you have any problems/queries with regard to the update, leave a comment below or submit a ticket to our support site where our Support Team will be ready to assist.

      Please Note: You may need to restart your Steam Client in order to receive this update and/or commence thedownload. Please try thisbefore contacting us.

      If you have any feedback in regards to the update, we urge you to post in our dedicatedTrain Sim World Forums -
      DB :thumbsup:

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    • Toll für DTG, aber das wichtigste haben se vergessen.
      Da bekommt man das :x
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      Gruß BR-218 *hi*