[TSW][DTG] CSX Heavy Haul

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    • TSW update. :)
      Thank you all once again for your continued feedback following the release of Train Sim World: Rapid Transit. Your input has helped us identify and address a number of issues, which we have outlined below.

      • TSW: CSX: Heavy Haul, Great Western Express and Rapid Transit localised into Simplified Chinese

      • Fixed the "toggle" function associated with being able to couple/uncouple.
      • Updated tunnel darkness calculations to improve visuals.
      • Removed "Polish (214)" keyboard binds from default configuration that was causing conflicts.
      • Disabled collisions on platform edges that were causing issues with player and character movement.
      • Fixed Service Mode objectives to only become active when the service starts.
      Rapid Transit

      • Fixed a Zs 3 speed sign that was not correctly displaying.
      • Adding “out of bounds” volumes to the northern and southern ends of the route.
      • Fixed reported localisation bugs.
      • Improved player collision at Greppin station.
      • Improved player collision at Raghun station.
      • Fixed reported holes and removed protruding grass from various stations.
      • Improved some problematic AI spawn points at stations.
      • Fixed gap in 160kmh line speed north of Leipzig Messe in both directions.
      BR442 Talent2

      • Added collision to the extending steps when passenger doors open.
      • Improved collision for AI characters moving around the train.
      • Improved Talent2 headlight setup to show correct arrangement depending on startingstate.
      • Improved Headlightcontrol functionality.
      • Fixed the icon displayingthe state of the Parking Brake.
      Class 166 DMU

      • Fixed Class166 Headlight Day/Night lights.
      • Fixed inability to activate AWS on the Class 166.
      • Fixed missing thumbnail image for Class 166 in the Player Profile.
      This update is around 440 MB in size and will download automatically from Steam. If you have any problems/queries with regard to the update, leave a comment below or submit a ticket to our support site where our Support Team will be ready to assist.

      Please Note: You may need to restart your Steam Client in order to receive this update and/or commence thedownload. Please try thisbefore contacting us.

      If you have any feedback in regards to the update, we urge you to post in our dedicatedTrain Sim World Forums - https://forums.dovetailgames.com/forums/train-sim-world.72
      DB :thumbsup:

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    • TSW Heavy Haul CSX General Electric AC4400CW

      Die Dynamische Bremse bei dieser Lok ist eine Katastrophe. Beim Bremsen schwankt der Tacho um 10 km/h hin und her. Wenn das so in der Realität passieren würde, könnte mal wohl am laufenden Band Kupplungsbrüche und Kupplungen der Wagons reparieren.
      Auch das Bremsen mit der Automatischen Bremse macht Probleme, da die Lok trotz völliger lösung der Bremse einfach weiter bremst.
      Überhaupt lässt das gesamte Ansprechverhalten dieser Lok zu wünschen übrig.
      Da ist gegenüber den anderen Loks auf der Sand-Patch-Grade Strecke etwas sehr hingeschludert oder auch verschlimmbessert worden.
      Ein Update nach der Überarbeitung wäre hier dringend notwendig.