Re 474 SBB Cargo based on MK BR 189 (MK BR 189 repaint)

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    • Re 474 SBB Cargo based on MK BR 189 (MK BR 189 repaint)

      Hallo ihr alle

      Tut mir leid, aber ich tue dies in Englisch, weil es zu hart, um ins Deutsche zu übersetzen ist. :S

      I enjoy driving the BR 189 MK (Mannheim - Karlsruhe) and I have already mixed the BR 189 Dispolok with the MK BR 189 to have all the new features. I also love the 3CCR so I decided to create a SBB Cargo repaint based on the MK BR 189. :) It's the first time I work on texture so it's not perfect. It was very hard to find the right area between red and blue because original texture is fully red with small variations. It takes me one full day to find a good shape. X/

      The big Cargo logo is based on "magazine_cargo_3_11" from SBB; so it's the right police and placement looks right to me. It was easy to do this.

      The second hard part was to keep the numbering. I want my RE 474 with auto numbering for dual engine. I found a little work around to have 474 XYZ W (replace 189 by 474 in the number list). I'am trying to have SR at the last digit but still notfind how to...

      There is a glitch on the side. The dark grey line is not flat. There is a kind of bump on the side. It's visible on the big Cargo on the lower part. I got to lower the SBB CFF FFS Cargo side logo to avoid crunshing it.

      SBB CFF FFS Cargo side logo and were too blury with original 2048x2048 texture. I have upscale to 8192x8192 and scale down to 4096x4096 to make them far better.

      It starts look nice (according to me) and I use it in scenario to have some SBB rolling stock. If you are interested in, let me know. I can send it for download (the Geopcdxfrom MK is needed). I can also give all the graphics files I have to make a better texture.

      EDIT : Added pictures with wagons.

      • Screenshot_Three Country Corner Route_47.48727-9.49194_12-00-32.jpg

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      • Screenshot_Three Country Corner Route_47.48742-9.49181_12-01-37.jpg

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      • Screenshot_Three Country Corner Route_47.48747-9.49181_12-07-54.jpg

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      • Image2.jpg

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      • Screenshot_Three Country Corner Route_47.48744-9.49187_12-00-52.jpg

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      • Screenshot_Three Country Corner Route_47.48772-9.49212_12-01-38.jpg

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    • It's online : Re 474 with MK features

      I have create a small installer witch gets the BR189_Engine.GeoPcDx from RhineValley1Assets.ap and add it into the Re474.ap. It also self cleans up. And yes, you got everything packed in a single file ! :)